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Sad News... we lost one of our own (frflow)

This past Saturday (May 12th) Ian Kelly (frflow here and at SCP), passed away suddenly. I'm still waiting for info from his family on an obit (it was supposedly in the paper but I haven't seen it) and funeral details. Ian was a member here and over at SCP, and made it to several events at EMR. Several years ago Ian joined the Army and was stationed in Hawaii for a time.

Ian and I used to give each other crap constantly, but it was all in good fun. I will certainly miss his seriousness and his humor.

Ian is survived by his wife and young child.

More info to follow as I get it. If you are a member at SCP please post this there.


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Heart goes out to his friends and family, RIP.
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Sad news.

Posted on SCP for you.
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RIP. i just posted this to SCP as asked.
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RIP for a SCP brother.
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Good speed Ian.
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RIP... Ian was one of the MCB old guard... here from pretty darn close to if not the beginning.

"Face down in a pillow" jokes at EMR will be more bittersweet now.
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Too many ballers lost in a short time span.

Best of wishes goes to his wife and little one.

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Oh no.. Ian was a great guy. I'm very sad to hear this... My thoughts go out to his family!
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