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TippmannEmployee1 08-06-2012 04:34 PM

Tippmann FT-12 Flip-Top Marker Now Available at Local Paintball Dealers

Earlier this year we launched our groundbreaking new FT-12 rental marker for field owners that can be serviced in less than 60 seconds without tools. Based on over whelming demand and excitement from consumers, Tippmann is now offering the same technology to paintball players everywhere. The Tippmann FT-12 is a new, semi-automatic .68 caliber marker that has been specially engineered to help players reduce maintenance time by as much as 75 percent.

The FT-12 features a rugged, die cast aluminum receiver with a compact mil-sim look and an ergonomically-positioned front vertical grip, which is ideal for a wide range of players. The marker’s patent-pending design makes gaining access to internals significantly easier – simply unscrew the barrel, push the unlock button on the collar, remove the barrel nut and flip the top half of the receiver off. Once inside, the modular layout of the FT-12 allows for incredibly fast and worry-free access to all key parts.

The new FT-12 is ideal for anyone seeking an incredibly easy-to-maintain marker that has the proven reliability of a Tippmann. The FT-12 is now being shipped to paintball dealers and will retail for $129. For additional information or to order a FT-12 which will be shipped by one of your local paintball dealers, check out this link at Tippmann Sports - FT-12 Flip-Top Retail Marker.

wrongbloke 08-06-2012 04:45 PM

does this finally mean that people will stop losing their detents when they service their markers?

oh and also, can the vertical part of the foregrip come off?

Rover Lead 08-06-2012 04:51 PM

Excellent! This is a great idea for field owners. I'm working out my VA home loan to buy some land so I can open a field at some point in the future. These would be a great in that capacity.

StealingYerMail 08-06-2012 05:13 PM

This looks incredible. I've always loved everything about Tippmanns besides the clamshell receivers with all of their screws and pins.

LilShank 08-06-2012 05:22 PM

These things are awesome, my local field has a few of them in the fleet and so far they've been amazing! We've been messing around with them the last couple of weeks, very easy to use, and work well when coupled with a 35ci tank!

Rover 08-06-2012 05:23 PM

Since I own one of every other tippmann marker that came out since I started playing, I may as well get one of these :P

Crewchief 08-06-2012 05:23 PM

I was going to try one out at my field last the look.

Toad 08-06-2012 05:38 PM

They are sweet markers, the field I work at has 50. Very easy to maintain and the stock barrel is good for a Tippmann.

Phobetor 08-06-2012 06:13 PM

Glad to hear these are solid markers.

What is the barrel threading on these?

If this markers success continues do you think it will eventually replace the 98 line, as they have a similar price point and target market?

LilShank 08-06-2012 06:29 PM

98 threads, but the barrel is thicker, not sure if that will matter.

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