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Originally Posted by Old School Joe View Post
I have to say that I got my first ninja tank last month, coating started cracking after one fill. Spoke with Rob at Ninja and he pointed me in the right direction. Ninja has awesome Customer Service and the Warranty Program is painless and they cover shipping both ways. I love my Crossfire tanks, but Ninja has earned my future business with their Service.
Ninja certainly does NOT cover shipping both ways. I had two brand new 90 CI tanks crack upon first fills recently, I had to pay to ship them both in! The replacement I got on one of them was cracked when I got it back! Still waiting on my most recent request, they have my bottles and I'm waiting until they get the replacement in or something like that.

Definitely haven't been too impressed so far with their stuff, hopefully that changes. I love to support USA manufacturers.
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Ninja doesn't cover shipping for tanks but the tank manufacturer now do if you use the form I provided.

Ninja Paintball do regulators mainly and not the tank itself.

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I swapped mine for one of their Grey Ghost tanks after it started to crack. Sure, the black looks cool, but it is under a cover anyways and now I don't have to worry about it.
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I just bought a new tank. It was 4$ more for a ninja. I went with the ninja.
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Just sent mine in today, received it cracked really bad. Call ninja and they directed me to the new warranty replacement thing and got it taken care of!
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This is why all my tanks are ninja
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ninja! Who? Where? Thunk!
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I'm glad to find this thread. I pulled my 50/45 out of my gearbag after having last used it about 6 weeks ago to dial in my imp (been playing some SC pump the last few times out) and it had a crack that looped around the tank from logo to logo with some spidering. With that said I checked as per one of the ninja reps on x7og and the tank is still safe no fraying or anything of the fibers but I figure why not get it taken care of free and then no field can give me grief about the gelcoat

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