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12 gram and other questions

I'll try it soon as I get to Florida on Tuesday, the rotating eye pipe works awesome much thicker and stronger then our normal eye pipes, cocker thread.
current mags we are working with is a super short parts kit mag no paint, 10 round 5/5 & 20 round 10/10.(these are both used in photos).
stock is easy to remove.
marker is not loud , quiet enough that when I've been on the creep and 1 balling peeps they could not figure my position.
I've got 20 plus markers and 2 of them might work!

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Originally Posted by cfos00 View Post
I'd love that was a box mag put on it. Love the creativity on doing something outside of their comfort zone. I'm glad to see companies taking chances again.
someone say boxmag?with modified Rotor internals?Hmmm
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Originally Posted by punisher068 View Post
someone say boxmag?with modified Rotor internals?Hmmm
That's the idea that's got me all fired up as well, that gun shooting regular paint with 200 ball capacity, reliable feed and no hopper on top...
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I love it, at least in principle. The idea of a high quality electro magfed with eyes and modes is something I've been yelling about forever, but the folks at rap4 and milsig are too stuck in their ways to realise just how badly magfed markers need eyes. Dye are good at being ahead of the curve.

So it's great, but not there yet imo. For the $1400 I wouldn't buy unless I could mount a 13ci tankstock and use real 20 round mags for normal paint, none of this 10+10 junk. Also I'm *sure* there's a way to make a true 20 round FS mag, I've seen a few designs that should work fine at least in theory. At present this is not a good marker for magfed only games due to these restrictions even if it is great for scenarios.
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Seeing as they make great soft shell cases, I would hope dye provides a wonderful gun case with whatever the price point may be. I stopped worrying about cost to get precision. I've spent plenty on precision stock class toys so I won't question anything sub-$1000 for what you're getting from dye.

Lol the only dye product I've ever owned is a lanyard, a hat and elbow pads. I hope this will be my first dye marker
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I guess I need to have a sale soon to raise the funds for one of these.
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No way a airtank will fit in that, just not enough clearance looks like
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Originally Posted by dac wolf View Post
No way a airtank will fit in that, just not enough clearance looks like
u can take off the stock or simply move the stock back.
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Or run remote.
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Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
Originally Posted by MCB CHAT
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Originally Posted by -=ArchAngel=- View Post
u can take off the stock or simply move the stock back.
Yup, if you want bottle on gun. Pop off the stock and use the tank as a stock. Done. The already lowered stock is a big improvement for magfeed paintball but some may want to just use a tank for quite a bit more mask clearance.
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