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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
I dont like the bore sizes of empires version of the freak kit. It goes by fives which isn't that useful... .675, .680, .685,.690,.695..I mean who's using a freaking .695? And .05 of a caliber change is pretty big...I liked it better when there were nine and they had things like .677.
I have alternated between a 0.675 and 0.679 insert for years without much issue. I think the importance of such slight changes in bore size is perhaps a little overstated, especially on an open bolt gun.
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675-680 is enough for 99.99% of the paint here in the desert
Have only use a 678 all year with no roll outs

Like the gold and black
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GI 4 star & 5 star was boring out at .690 at Cup, so I used the .691 Stainless Insert

Amazing looking gun, mine has a slightly different logo on the side, but it sure is a head turner

Since it's the only one at cup, it's on display in the KEE booth until Sunday
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Held one today and instead of the empire logo on the side there was a actual ax laser'd on it. I didn't like the grove in the front grip but don't listen to me I only play pump.
T2 Slot Blockers for sale.

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The cut down autococker threaded barrels are about the only thing I really dig on these. Axes are great markers, but they need a few upgrades to fit me right.
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