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Bob Long New Release - DRAGON G6R!

So, I just saw this on facebook! I was very excited, now I just want to see an A-Bomb, Species and Ripper and I will be content. Figured I would share it with all of you. I think you can appreciate the nostalgic look. Bob has really been doing a great job of addressing the fans requests for the classic timmy milling designs.


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Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.

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I like it.
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let me guess there going to be price range over 1200$ for it. still to high price of gun.
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Technically this could almost pass for a 'ripper'
And hum ... Is that a dragon dick? >.>

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I like it, too bad it's gonna be priced out of my range.

^if it is, he's got a bent wookie!

*edit* Two part body?? Split front and back?
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NOt bad, bu tI wish they would've done a lilttle bit more with the head of the dragon. It looks like a T-rex head.
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Oooh... aaahh.... yawn.
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I would be interested in a green black fade. Although, maybe there'll be a price drop for the red/black one that was scratched when takling pictures on those rocks.
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Looks cool but given the design the trigger looks like a flaccid dragon penis.

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Originally Posted by Grendal50 View Post
*edit* Two part body?? Split front and back?
Yeap, all G6r's are. Bob said it was to reduce costs and save weight.
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