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Originally Posted by Rockytop View Post
I'm going to check into if its made in the USA or not,if it is made over seas I'm out.I already get made in China junk shoved at me every time I go to Walmart.I'll really be bummed out if your right and they are made over seas.I'm sure they will be a good clone with a great warranty but if this is the case I'll just keep up my 2002 to 2004ish cockers.:-) :-)
Taiwan is not China. Taiwans aluminum industry is leading in many ways, and I am not speaking of price.

I think the ACR beats a 04 Prostock in allmost every way. But shure their finish can't compete with a small run, private label gun like CCM. They lack the touch of love:-)
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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
After 6 months with my Empire Sniper, all I can say is that Simon thought of everything and makes a hell of a product. The barrel kit is absolutely awesome.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post

I remember my last game with my Sniper. I took our right 30 off the break and after two eliminations I was trading paint with an opposing playing in their back left stand up. Of course, he is ramping 20 BPS and I have my pump. Anyway, I got him and was shortly thereafter eliminated. When I was walking off, the ref came over to me and said, "Man, what are you shooting?? You had paint sailing past his head no matter where he popped out." I showed him the Sniper and told him the barrel kit is unreal. I can honestly say that of everything I have ever owned, my Sniper shoots the best. I love it.
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bump, I guess but I actually got out and used my resurrection today. It is an amazing shooting gun. The only problem I had with it though was the LPR loosened up causing some weird issues. This was literally a 2 minute fix though, and after that was back up and running with no issues. I was getting +/- 2 at the chrono with the .680 bore. Also, I out shot my revvy.
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got to try out the one Kaz (Visual Reviews) brought to Canadian Carnage. He let me shoot it and do a little mini review. I'll admit I was unsure at $579 if it was worth it. After having shot one all I can see is oh god yes yes it is worth almost $600. Great build quality amazing trigger feel and very very smooth shooting. Kaz had it set up with the 680 bore and getting on the trigger and really ripping it was super easy. I even TRIED to short stroke it and with the way the trigger is set up it's basically not possible. Simon did an amazing job and really brought back memories of shooting high end mech cockers in the early 00's when I started PB (had a few friends with high end mechs playing mech tournies back then).

I'll say what I said in my review all I have to say is buy it it is' worth every penny and this is coming from a guy that shoots a mag and an eNMEy and normally isn't a big fan of mech cockers (due to complexity and how I hate having to time them)j

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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If you all are looking for a field test and wanting to know how it shoots


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I picked one up at D-Day, and Empire did a really good job with the Resurrection. I shot it all day on the big game i put 2 cases threw it just on that one day alone. I slammed her against the trenches crawling, and just got plan down and dirty with it. Also i seriously tried to short stroke it. It's really hard to do it and i have yet to short stroke it. All in all its worth the buy. I love mine and will continue to use it and put it threw hell until something breaks. Once i get to that point, ill let yall know!
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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
Asking if auto trigger is worth it is like asking if sex is worth it. The event won't always be frequent, but when it happens you walk away with a smile on your face and a lump in your pants.
Originally Posted by breg View Post
Bit of PB Wisdom "If it ends in '-ocker' and it is working; leave it the hell alone"
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Really glad that those who have picked them up are enjoying them so much.

On one hand it was stressful in some ways to do a gun like this since the original was such an iconic piece of paintball history.

On the other hand it was/is damn fun and I am so glad to help try and keep such a fundamental piece of awesome machinery and history available to people.

Autocockers are a fun way to play paintball, and having fun is the important thing about this game.
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Thanks for bringing this back to market, everybody at my field who shot it was completely blown away by it. On a separate note, mine shoots better than my axe.
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Fine, I'll buy one. Dang youz guyz are pushy.
Autocockers are not more accurate, I'm just more accurate when I shoot autocockers.
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