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SO, i'm still confused as to weather there will be BOTH an MCB and BPB run of twisters or if there will ONLY be a BPB run now? I mean, I'm excited that the twister will be on the market again either way, but I'd still like to know what's going on exactly? my hear hurts. lol.
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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
Originally Posted by Tyler_vanvoorthuijse View Post
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I laughed beer out of my nose upon realizing you are a gay boy with a gun with that comment. Thanks, you owe me some beer.

Selling these:
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Mag Parts!
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Im interested!




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Originally Posted by BostonPB Original View Post
We appreciate the support, and definitely don't want to take anything away from Woouulf's efforts. He has lit a fire under our collective asses to bring the Twister platform back quicker and there is nothing wrong with that! I look forward to working with him and taking everyone's input throughout the last steps of this process. He has done a tremendous service... Thank u

As I stated before we are very excited to be working with some of our old partners like Serge and many others that would leave no room for wonder if listed individually, but I would like to say we are also very excited to be working with Simon Stevens who you all know is a very avid cocker player as well. So good things for 2013.
Sounds very cool. I'm more interested knowing that BPS is backing these things. So do you guys plan on selling body kits, full guns, or both?
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My interest has been piqued.
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Originally Posted by ttwo View Post
Like he said... It looks like we are forced to play our hand earlier than anticipated.

You might want to save your pennies for the real thing... Because it's coming.
Omg yes
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Interested depending on price.
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Just so we're clear. BPS is making a new edition of twister bodies. And woouulf is unrelated to BPS. Right?

BPS, are you going to pursue woouulf? (obviously it's your right...)
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Originally Posted by nerobro View Post
Just so we're clear. BPS is making a new edition of twister bodies. And woouulf is unrelated to BPS. Right?

BPS, are you going to pursue woouulf? (obviously it's your right...)
We are not going to pursue anyone... No Twisters have been produced and/or sold outside of BPS control.

We understand that people have demanded the return of the Twister for nearly a decade and Woouulf was simply leading the charge in an effort to resurrect the gun in cooperation with Lapco/Serge as we have been in talks for over a year as to what direction we (boston paintball) wanted to go with the platform.

I think we can chalk this up to miscommunication and odd timing.

We are full steam ahead now and I think we have come up with an amazing concept for the direction of the next generation of twister... something that hardcore old-school pure-ists will love , will be competitive in the existing marker "ecosphere" and will ensure that all previous twisters will hold the same value as they will be easily distinguished from the next-gen model .

...very exciting stuff is coming.
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I don't really think you can go after someone for an intrest thread .I also don't think any damage was done to bps either but rather got them a lot of attention for their twister ,which I'm all excited about.I hope more companies bring back PL stuff.:-) :-)
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