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Old 03-03-2013, 08:38 PM   #221 (permalink)
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I'm interested in the drama, dose that count :P I'd still be interested in a lapco ripper/twister style gun
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I'm interested.
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Me, woouulf

Like it matters , thats Serge "AKA" Lapco

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Who's the ugly mug on the right in the second picture?
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Originally Posted by BostonPB Original View Post
The Original Twister in all its forms will be coming soon to Committed!!!
Finalized with Serge to bring back our original tooling
What will be available is the following:
Complete guns
Anodized Full Body Kits
Raw Body Kits

Love to get your feed back during this process:

How do u feel about Twisted Pump Handles to Match?? < YES!
Full Size or Micro Mini?
Clamshell vs 45 Deg Milling?
Cut thru or Solid like Twister Lites?

We are very excited to be back in the high performance custom game that we made famous nearly 15 years ago... We have a lot coming down the pipeline so please follow us on Commited Paintball Facebook page and the soft lauch of our website Committed on 3/15!!

Play Pump - 3-Man Pump Series
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Originally Posted by grimace
Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.
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Interested but need to know price!
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Originally Posted by grimcpt View Post
See Bolded Green
This is the lapco twister thread..... Bostonpb should make their own "what you want in a twister" thread.
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Originally Posted by hoov7888 View Post
This is the lapco twister thread..... Bostonpb should make their own "what you want in a twister" thread.
The Lapco Twister IS a Boston Paintball twister
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Interested, not just for myself but for the pump team and club.
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I will have one as well... exactly how grimcpt has it in his post. Now hurry up and take my money!!!
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