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I think it looks ugly as sin. This is the first victory-style gun that I don't like the look of.
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Feedback Please!

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the milling on the thing is amazing and it looks like it will be an amazing gun!!!
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Taters Feedback:
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this is a new gun? how can you tell the difference from the last one?
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Its not as smooth as the VCOM spool. Its supposed to shoot similar to a geo but with crazy efficiency.

VCOM spool focus: super smoothness
Insight NG spool focus: super efficency

The NG has no LPR. Its not replacing the VCOM it has a different focus. If you want an insanely smooth spool get the VCOM. If you want super efficiency and don't want to mess with tuning a lpr get the NG.
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The milling reminds me of a higher end threshy....
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I keep seeing Exalt Droid:

Pretty neat little gun though I still think I'd rather a victory.
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Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
I think it looks ugly as sin. This is the first victory that I don't like the look of.
Except that it's NOT a Victory. No LPR. Similar but different.

I'm curious though, would a poppet engine fit in it, or are these engines completely different than other Vic bolt systems?

Still, regardless of anything else, 10 pods out of a 45/4500 from a spool is pretty freaking sweet. Still out of my price range though.
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It looks like a closer banged a ripper vic and this was the resulting love child.

Looks good though, I just skimmed the video and didnt see the actual engine, I'm curious if it's a whole new design on his spool or just the same thing in a new body?

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Bobs line up is nuts
G6r. Tons of milling choices
Victory. Tons of milling Choices

So many great guns
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pretty sweet.
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