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skullcandy1993 04-22-2013 01:44 PM

Tippmann Tactical Event
Looks like Tippmann is trying to get a better hold on the limited paint area of the game


The Tippmann tactical was ran for the first time last week and what a week end it was at Cope Hill Down, ran by the Going Postal team and Paul Banks, Tippmann Sales UK.

The idea of the Tippmann tactical was to give each member of the team exactly the same equipment so that a level playing field is provided. Each member was issued a M16 Phenom, a Tippmann tactical vest, HPA bottle and remote line, and with limited paint of no more than 40 paintballs in an Urban environment.
Full article, along with pictures, can be found on Tippmann's blog or by following the link here

uv_halo 04-22-2013 04:20 PM

I like the mission-centric, and limited-paint format but, not the 'identical gear' concept. At the very least, I hate wearing ill-fitting vests.

SEFishy 04-23-2013 12:35 AM

to tippmanns defense a well fitting vest is rare it seems. while pushing out to iraq we ws issued what vest they had left even if its the wrong size. realizim lol?

usagi_tetsu 04-24-2013 09:14 AM

You're not far wrong, Fishy, when I went to Iraq in '05, we were issued two Vietnam era 3 mag pouches and encouraged to purchase more to put on our gear. Yep, the Army expected us to go to a fight with exactly 7 magazines. I generally carried about 10 (not that I ever needed to pull trigger, ever, but preparedness is key).

Nowadays, they have issued us this new set (yes, even us pogues in the Guard have this now) that comes stock with enough pouches for 12 magazines and 2 hand grenades. That doesn't count the single mag-sized pockets on the lower legs of our ACU's/MultiCams, and whatever pouches we put on our weapons. Remember, you never run out of enemies, only out of food, water, and bullets.

tom 04-24-2013 04:29 PM

Tippmann Tactical
I was there for Tippmann Tacticals first event.

The Siege was a scenario run by Going Postal at the British armys Copehill Down training area. This is an active urban training area.

The Tippmann Tactical event was run as a sideline (during the main scenario, so it also meant leaving the game for your scheduled session, so took a little planning to make sure everyone was available at the right time and you didn't miss a scenario objective!)

Paul Banks is an absolute ambassador for Tippmann in the UK. My first experience of meeting him was when I handed him my secondhand X7 when it failed at an event and he upgraded the ratchet. It then worked consistently for a number of years. Paul attended a game in Sennybridge but was not providing tech support. Before they unpacked I mentioned to Paul I would want a ratchet when he was ready. Instead he took my X7 and returned it about half an hour later with just a strip down, clean up & rebuild. Working perfectly again.

The Tippmann Tactical sessions are treated as an experience. Not a new type of game (But the attractions of limited paint or mag fed play become quite clear)

Identical gear equalises everything, and contributes to the experience making sure everyone is using a 'real style' marker and can take tac lights etc.

This begins with a training session (with real world military experience), and finishes with a practical exercise.
This session dealt with building clearance - 2 & 4 man room clearances, dealing with doors, 'murder holes' etc, and stairwells.

One of our guys originaly was not going to be available for the weekend and when he became free was too late to get a ticket. He volunteered as a Tippmann Tactical terrorist, and revelled at the opportunity of taking us on, just as we revelled at the opportunity to hunt him down.
The team carry a lot of Contour cameras so we filmed our session, and Will filmed the terrorist POV throughout the day. There are hours & hours of footage which will be edited, but for the moment one of the cameras has been uploaded as linked below.

In our segment our terrorist Will was the first man waiting at the doorway, so he is seen on the ground in the video below. (In his POV you can see the moment the last man leaves the building Will is reincaranted in an instant and flies up the stairs for the opportunity to shoot our retreat from the windows)


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