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It looked like. From what I gleaned on the link posted. a camera mount of some variety to start, possibly meaning that we'll see a new paintball barrel cam system?

And other stuff I'm sure, Simon can't keep his tinkering self to just one idea at a time.
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This is ****ing awesome.
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Go pro mounted in a hopper? That could be cool.
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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
smh.... whats with all these teases recently?

Folks should just come out and say it or dont say anything at all :-p is getting a little annoying, but I suppose it's fun to look forward to something.

Originally Posted by BiggsFX View Post
I hope he delivers a small agitated/force fed hopper.. dreams would come true as angels sing from the heavens.
That'd be cool, but would that be considered "HUGE" in the eyes of the masses?

Originally Posted by anomoly40 View Post
Sounds like its gonna be a hopper inside a hopper.
Hahaha, somebody had to!
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It's going to be micro camera embedded in each paintball - so you can track your shot until impact...price is pretty reasonable at $75 a shot.
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I know what some of it is
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something big:
with all the conjecture and wish list how about this:

He should make a magazine fed, hundred and fifty round, first strike submachine like gun/marker that doesn't use an air source but uses propane or whatever fuel some nail guns use.

that would be something huge...
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Oh Simon... You big tease!
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go to LL6. He will have stuff there
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From what I'm gathering its either just a camera mount or another action sports camera system.

Not "huge", IMO.
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