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Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
I think you guys are being too critical.

I think this will be a cool product. Personally I can't stand 10 round tubes. I always drop them on the field and they are annoying to me to fiddle with. I prefer magazines and I'm sure there are other people with the same perspective.
Yes, I can agree that I've had butterfinger moments with tubes too. Putting some hockey grip tape on 'em helped me.
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Originally Posted by hipboyscott View Post

*shifts eyes*

"Pocket Sand!"
i think that gif made me laugh more than it should've
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haha pocket sand. the weapon of CHAMPIONS !
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Love the idea.. Can't wait to try one out.
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would this make phantom no longer stock class since add mag feed clip. or would make open class maker.
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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
would this make phantom no longer stock class since add mag feed clip. or would make open class maker.
I guess it would technically be modified stock class then if you are still using 12 grams.
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So when will this phantom mag adapter be ready for commercial purchase, I got a tone of tpx mags and could set up a micro phantom again....heheheheh
I would rather go home cheated than go home as the cheater!
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CQB Canada day paintball; Dual Tipx carnage - YouTube Looks like fun tho.
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Was this magwell actually in that video somewhere? I didn't watch it past the point where he surrenders someone by shoving his barrel into the back of the dude's head. Because... seriously.
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I would have to see one in person before purchasing and considering this product is targeting a niche market of a niche market of a niche game it may be a while.
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newfangled feedback transporter link

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