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Just imagine for a second this thing packef full, now imagine getting shot in the main body of the 'loader'. I foresee soup and a lot of it. This needs a reliable wsy to dampen vibrations from shots and low paint levels. Running full force with this thing half empty and sliding into civer could be disastrous. Cleaning this would suck.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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**Please read this entire post before responding in an annoyed manner**

I think it sucks that this is getting bashed just because it holds a ton of paint and feeds fast. Yes, there are design flaws. Yes there are funding issues. Yes, this is encouraging the shooting of an anus load of paint. Does that make it a bad thing for the sport? Or maybe just not a good purchase for you personally?

I own 4 mag-fed markers, 2 pump guns, and two mech-only autocockers. I love to play limited paint. Guess what? I also own an axe and two expanded lid rotors.
I get bored with styles of play. I play pistol, stock class, mod stock, and hopperball. I also play speedball and I use my Axe in the woods too.

I don't understand why everyone vilifies players for wanting this kind of tech. Is it okay to overshoot? no! Should we be courteous to new players? of course! Does that mean that an innovative (or at least somewhat innovative) loader system is bad for the sport? Come on guys. Really? It is more than possible to overshoot someone with a phantom or a TipX or a mag. It is more than possible to get lit up by several excited players using any platform.

I think this loader is great for one reason, and one reason only... can you guess?
It's something new. Another option. Another way for people to enjoy the sport. What paintball needs is more players and more revenue, not more crying about the tech.

In the days when constant air was introduced, some people said it was a bad thing. The same was said about gravity feeds, agitated loaders, select fire paint guns, hell even semi-auto. The people who invented this tech didn't do so because they wanted to ruin the sport. Most of the innovators were players. They wanted stuff to use. Cool guns, powerful guns, good loaders, etc. They wanted game changers.

The strike loader could be great for mag fed. It would simulate the MICO machine gun feed backpack that is in use with real militaries.
This could be great for the player that just wants to dress up as Rambo or be the f-ing terminator.
This could be great for a player with one arm (ostensibly why this was designed in the first place).
This could be great as a feed system for a tank turret, one of these new school paintball sentry guns, a large drone, etc.
This could be great as an attention grabber that makes a great impression on someone and inspires them to develop something better.

Why hate on innovation? This thing isn't going to revolutionize the sport. It's not gonna be bought by 95% of players (or insert whatever number that you think is appropriate). It probably won't even work all that well; but AT LEAST THEY ARE TRYING TO BRING OUT A NEW IDEA. First commercially produced, retail available backpack loader? Great! Keep coming out with new stuff and grow the sport. Keep accepting new ideas and styles of play and find ways for more people to relate to the sport and love the sport. Stop trying to convince everyone (yourselves included) that there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to enjoy this sport.

Lots of us are trying to play this sport anyway we can. Be it 3bps or 30bps, as long as you are having fun, and everyone around you is having fun, what does it matter what you use?

Also, do some research for God's sake before you go bashing a product. This thing IS molle compatible, IS setup to have a tank strapped to it if necessary, DOES have a mechanism to allow cleaning out broken paint while saving at least some of the rest that's in the loader, WILL HAVE adapters for "every known marker" (according to the video).
Know how I found all that out? 2 minutes of reading after clicking the link that came with the video.

Just play the game that you enjoy. Stop hating others for enjoying it another way.

\end rant
\thanks for everyone's patience with that
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1,200 rounds at 44bps in the hands of every wrong person would be a game changer for sure..
I can see the mini gun/tank turret thing, but its not being marketed for that, its being marketed for the avarage joe with more money than sense. Whats that joe gonna do with it? He's gonna blast everything and anything he see's off the break and on into the 20min game and then refill for the next round. Is it needed/ No! Is it cool ? Sure. Its it an unfair advantage in the hands of the said joe in a walk on game??? 10 might end up in the hand of a one arm player. 1000s will end up in the wrong hands and used in the wrong format. .IMHO..

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Explain to me how this is different than a rotor with a speed feed and ten pods strapped to your back in terms of shooting everything for 20minutes.
And where in the US is there a rec ball facility that allows more than 15bps?

12.5 bps (the standard for every one of the 9 fields that I have been to this year) is the same whether fed by a 1200 round loader pack or a player with twelve 100 round pods.
With a speed feed, you don't have to stop shooting ever. Just spray and spray and spray like any back player in a 5 man tournament.
How is this going to change anything about overshooting?
And would you deny 10 one armed players good equipment because not everyone will use this responsibly?

I personally am not going to buy one. Don't need it, don't want it, don't trust the tech; but I fail to see how the concept is bad for the game in a way that a 400 round pinokio and a luxe in uncapped ramp with 11 pods on your back are not.
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I'm really lost on the whole over shooting thing that people thinks this will create, honestly. A typical loader carries in the ball park of 200 rnds, if someone wants to over shoot they have no problem doing it already.
The again the video does portray this as a hose. If it was 2006 that ad would make sense. Really should have done the promo better and gotten someone that knows how to shoot and play to be the user in it other than that tool.
All I'll say other than that is that it has potential.
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Giving more tools to the field owners and players.
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In my eyes any new product is a good thing. It's money being spent on the sport. scenario and milsim I'd more popular than ever look 10yrs ago companies tried to make markers that didn't look like real guns. This will not ruin any walk on game anymore than when you have a speed ball team playing like they are in the world cup against walkons and renter's
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here is the new video link


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Guys, I came back to MCB from my long hiatus just to say I see this as both a good thing and a good sign.

Yes, I instantly tried to hate on it upon seeing it; break one ball inside of it, with its cheap straps slapping it against your back, and you're done (duh). Or I thought back to Oklahoma D-Day where a standard hopper cooked paintballs in that unrelenting sun and humidity, and how this thing would dutch-oven the **** out of more than half a case at a time...unless it has some kind of built in paintball cooling accessory...which would lead me to instantly buy it.

But let's look at how this has been one of those unicorns of the sport we've been waiting for over the years (like the 50rnd powered hopper, for instance).

Someone has finally taken the time to make this. Dumped money into it expecting to make more back.

And to me, that says the sport is healthy.

Hell, I might even buy one for next season. Give it a once-over.
I live again, so it would seem.....
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First off they are not asking for money to finish the product they are asking for money to start production. And they supposedly have an investor ready to pony up any funds remaining. From a business perspective the "investor" probably wants a larger % of the profits dependent upon how much they invest so the less they have to have him commit to the better for the inventors.

I am 50/50 on this
- great idea and concept
- hopefully great product
- can't get over the way it is being "marketed" and some of the "claims" made for it
-1200 vs 2000 I am slightly disappointed and would like to know why exactly this can't hold a full case
- switching to weak side to shoot "looks" to be an issue but is supposedly not
- Will the balls get damaged as they ‘bounce around’ inside the loader?
Field testing has been rigorous in this regard. However, a foam inlay will become available to those who want added peace of mind and to reduce sound caused by a small, remaining number of balls in the loader. - so "solved" a problem but a foam inlay as an add-on for peace of mind....?
-What do I do if I filled in an already broken ball that causes a mess inside the feeding chamber?
Paintballs that were broken ‘pre-load’ (or are of low quality) will not contaminate a player’s remaining reserve. The device consists of 2 units. a) The main body which stores the paintballs, & b) the feeding unit which can be separated from the main unit within seconds. The rotor is removable within 1 second, allowing any ‘mess’ to be cleaned up (by either cleaning the hose, the hose connection or exchanging the compromised hose with a spare hose) in under 30 seconds.

I was actually thinking of picking up the T68 pistol with Firestorm E-trigger with the 9" recon rifled barrel with APEX2
run that with dual 20oz regulated CO2 tanks
and the Strikeloader
on a vest

but it only holds 1200 balls - after 5k hours worth of development they couldn't get the bugs worked out to produce one that used a full case at once that was still user friendly. The Strikeloader is basically this...
Just 6x the capacity and a longer hose put into a hard-sided backpack or so people are thinking it is. But as far as I can tell from LOOKING at the info they have released they have not said what type of system they use to feed the balls - other than it having a "rotor".

Good luck if you ever need to switch hands to fire from your weak side...
Oh pardon me while I .... separate the motor-unit from the tank-unit, twist 180, reconnect ... yes thank you all for waiting and not bunkering me during this process.

Using electronic sensors to feed 10k+ balls at 42bps great for outlaw play not so much with every field I ever played at having a cap in the 10-15bps range.

OOOHHH quantum leap in Mil-Sim paintball (ziggy, wheres sam ??) no hopper on your gun - From now on, your marker is a super-fast, lightweight, slim-contoured, finely balanced weapon of destruction! - that is attached to a backpack by a hose that is too short to allow you to switch hands to fire weak side. And here I thought "reliable" mag-fed and FSR rounds were the quantum leaps of Mil-Sim.

"Sick of guessing how many balls are left in your loader? Don't have X-Ray eyes? No problem. The optional LED-adaptor indicates both your available reserves and remaining battery life. It also includes a game-timer, target counter, and a customisable audio/visual alarm triggered at a pre-determined level of ammo depletion. Strike Loader gives you full control!"

OK so there isn't a hopper on top of your gun but we will include this Pro Adaptor that can get shot to hell for a bit of extra cash (hopefully they are either really cheap or durable as hell) - You ARE Welcome

The one good thing is you can now hang from a tree limb upside-down and slaughter the enemy patrols as they cross your path - oh but wait if there are no balls getting to the rotor and it is not a suction system how are the balls going to travel if I am hanging upside-down????or is it a suction system combined with a force feed??? A waterproof suction system/force feed hybrid with a metal hose connection could potentially "clean" the balls before pushing them into the hose.

Fully loaded approx 17lbs (6 and change unloaded)

Neoprene hose covers in different camo patterns
Gas bottle holder to clip on to the side of the loader
Car battery-recharger
Loader cover with MOLLE adaptors
Spare hose
Spare hose bag
Adaptors for magazine fed markers
LCD adaptor (displaying the remaining number of balls in the loader and other information)

It will come in black olive and desert (which is a camo pattern) why not make it tan or coyote

So overall if I had a spare $500 sitting around burning a hole in my pocket why not - otherwise I will wait for someone else to run a "quitting" sale and pick it up for cheap . I love all the people hating on a product that they have no idea how it works much less the concepts, designs and systems used in its production other than it is a backpack that feeds paint.


Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent

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If this thing works, I would be very interested in putting it into my tank. Large capacity and easy to reload. Perfect turret combo.
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