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Very interesting! Gotta hand it to em...this is a first big sign of progressive innovation in years.
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This is "The Next Big Thing".
You guys know me as a dedicated Stock/Pump player, but I've been around since Paintball's inception.

This changes everything.

The "Holy Grail" has arrived.

Now I want to know: How much?
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I like it! But just hope you don't get a ball break. That could be troublesome.
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why does everyone have to show a vid of the loader/gun shooting FA? its not like people could regularly use that option, and wouldn't people rather show players being responsible and not to over shoot people?

sure, it looks cool, i don't like the selector switch, i would really like to see more numbers like efficiency and specs. concepts and prototypes are fine, but its the real world that i want to see this break upon.
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I'm sure we all had this idea in our heads from one time to another. Glad Empire took the leap forward and produce something, anything.

I wonder about the quality of the integrated hopper.

What internals are running said hopper?
Can the hopper be disassembled for a full clean?
How do you properly clean chopped paint around the feedneck/transition area?

Hopefully they get the majority of the concerns and kinks out. I would love to see an Empire aftermarket hopper/stock. That would be a good leap forward.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
That idea of the hopper integrated into the gun... That's going to change the industry. You watch.
I agree. It looks a little odd from a PB perspective, but it does have tons going for it.

I don't like the quick selection of modes. That and the robotic lines being read off. Either hit some talking points naturally or get rid of the script and just let them talk.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Ugly as sin in my opinion, but definitely a cool concept, looks a little more practical and streamlined than a drum or box mag. Good to see something innovative.
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I really think its cool, doesnt suit my style of play anymore but I like the thinking. However seeing on fb from multiple sources its around $1300? I understand r&d but that's a bit steep for a halo strapped to a tm7.
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Interesting, it's refreshing to see new thinking but I'd be interested in the dynamics have having to load into your armpit.
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Over on Facebook we're getting a pool together to see how long it takes somebody here to convert it to a pump..
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