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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
I should also add that when I saw my dad after I had played in this last game he said if I went again that he wanted to go also. So... he has played in two .. TWO!!!! EMR Castle Games... didn't like them all that much , but so long as he can play at his comfort level he will play again.

We all have to listen to the younger players and offer them similar opportunities (and ask for their opinions) if desired.

I see some of the bigger games like CC as a great introduction to our sport as I found CC attracts a much older more mature player base and as such you don't deal with the idiocy of playing against league guys that like to bash on renters for fun.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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I stopped going to CC. I was a huge advocate for the game until the last two times I played and I realized I was no longer having fun and was getting too stressed out. I've gone into my reasons further in other posts and don't need to go into it again. But I think CC may be the worst event to to introduce someone to our sport.

Prior to yesterday I would have said that Western Wars was a better format for that. A somewhat big game with a fair amount of players that lasted 6 hours or so.... but they have turned that into another Huge Game/Weekend Format.... and I am waiting to hear how the new format compares to the old.

Anyways... there are better/smaller games to take new players to where they won't be intimidated.

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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
scrounger ... I'm not sure if your post was directed at me. I've basically been saying the same thing as you for almost 10 years here. And longer at the field while playing.

I think if more people knew or wanted to follow Painthappy's lower velocity methodology rather than .50... or at least give it a try they may not see the need for their own field to buy new and separate/specialized equipment and paint.

No no no no I was not aiming it at you.

I was just taking what you said (the quote) and adding to it.

My first part was just hoping to be one arse and not get the corner

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My 2 cents.
As a indoor/mobile arena owner.

50 cal is about pain. If little johnny enjoys it. He will want to play again.

I cater to little johnny. I did 50% of my indoor usage to 10-12 yr old johnnies.
I had 1 group of 12 johnnies that had 5 return parties.
90% of my little johnnies dont own or care to own a gun. But they want to have fun.

I set my guns up to a whopping 170 fps. No little johnnies crying at my field.

Now if they make 50 cal reballs and worthwhile guns. Or 68 cal that will break at 170 fps.
Big Dougy will be falling over himself buying them.

So to make this easier.
Little johnny happy=big dougy happy = buy 50 cal.

.....................WTB your pball MANUALS......................

Originally Posted by ajohnson677 View Post
But being dumb doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. Good dumb people are much better than bad smart people.

Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house. Isaiah 58
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An Eraser in .50 would be pretty awesome. They are stupidly efficient (I think I got like 8-9 mags on one 12 gram with mine?) and actually somewhat reasonably sized.
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Originally Posted by 2hits View Post
Well, lets ask Horizon.

Why did you choose to buy .50 cal guns rather than just turn the velocity down on your existing .68 cal rentals?
At one time, way back in 2009, I was on the 50 cal hater bandwagon just like almost everyone else was. You can search for my posts in the 50 cal forum at PBNation and it's quite obvious I jumped on with both feet. It wasn't until several years later when I hear other field owners offering 50 cal and hearing how it was increasing their business, that I decided to buy a couple of 50 cal markers and actually try them out. Before that, I was just going by hearsay, which I normally try to avoid doing, but this time I got sucked in. Anyway, with the two markers and a case of paintballs, my staff and I took turns playing a bunch of one on ones at velocities set at about 270-280 fps. Well, we all had a blast and everyone of us said that the hits hurt way less, almost all of the time (the odd one still hurt quite a bit, just like the odd 68 cal hit hurts more than most of the others). About the same time another field owner called me out of the blue and told me how he had gone to all 50 cal equipment at his field and his participation numbers doubled in about a year. Since our numbers had been drooping a bit like most other paintball fields, this piqued my interest.

I decided to pick up enough 50 cal markers to have some decent size games (started with 30). We set the speed to about 250 fps and market it as Low Impact Paintball. There are a LOT of people who stay away from paintball fields because of the stories they've heard and the welts they have seen. Our Low Velocity Paintball lets them play the exciting game of paintball without most of the pain involved. Most of the participants are between 10 and 14, often accompanied by some parents. But we've also had several stags (have another one next week) that have opted for the 50 cal version we offer. The price to play is exactly the same for both ($55 for field fees, rentals and 500 paintballs - a little cheaper for larger groups and kid's birthday parties).

We experimented with turning down the velocity on 68 cal, but found to get similar pain on impact, the paintballs were flying so slow, it felt like they were being lobbed. This would be OK for really young players (although the heavy 68 cal equipment isn't so good for the smaller kids). The 50 cal markers could be shot and played at "fast" speeds and still be tolerable for just about any 10 year old (I know one indoor field that allows players as young as 6 with 50 cal).

Originally Posted by 2hits View Post
Are you planning on buying more .50 cal guns when the Tippmann FT50s come out?
I've already contacted Tippmann regarding pre-orders. I would still prefer a 50 cal specific marker ( the FT 50 is a converted FT 12) for efficiency and weight reasons but if the FT50 is relatively dependable, I will be having an Opus throwing in the ocean party.

As far as $$ and greed goes...I don't know if it's a Canadian thing or not, or maybe just my specific wholesaler, but a case of 2,000 GI 2 star 50 cal costs me exactly the same as a case of GI 2-star 68 cal. There is no cost saving there for me. I don't make any more money with 50 cal than I do with 68 cal. Having said that, it wouldn't surprise me at all if some fields, especially in the States, are getting their 50 cal for less than 68 cal, but I honestly don't know.

Is it about the money? Absolutely. Attendance has been declining at most fields and ours is no exception. I made just over $8/hour in 2013 for every hour I worked. If I had to live on those wages for another year or two, I would probably close down our field. I need more customers, as does the whole industry. When I hear other fields getting more paintball players because they are offering 50 cal, I'm going to pay attention. We had a game today and I had more 50 cal players than 68 cal players (including the gear owners) and I could have had even more 50 cal players had I had more equipment to rent out (which hopefully I will soon). Is it about money? Yes it's about money. I, like any other business, need to make money to keep the doors open. If you operate a business and can do it without being concerned about income and expenses, well then...lucky you, cause most of us have to worry about money.

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