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G.I. Employee1 12-20-2013 10:29 AM

G.I. Sportz Acquires Tippmann Sports Official Announcement

G.I. Sportz Acquires Tippmann Sports
Leading paintball brands come together to create new industry powerhouse

December 20, 2013 – G.I. Sportz is pleased to announce it has acquired Tippmann Sports, bringing together two iconic paintball companies. This transaction combines the industry’s leading brands of paint (GI Sportz and DXS), markers (Tippmann and GI Victus), goggles (Vforce) and accessories together under one roof creating a global industry one stop shop.

“This fulfills a longtime dream of bringing together the industry’s best product innovators and leading brands to create a dominant industry player owned and operated by paintball players,” said Richmond Italia, Chairman and CEO of G.I. Sportz.

“By combining the resources of two companies that manufacture products in North America, we’ll be able to serve the paintball industry in new and exciting ways while continuing our dedication to leading-edge products and unmatched customer support” said Denny Tippmann Jr., President of Tippmann Sports.

Both Richmond and Denny Jr. agree that its time paintball comes back home. Made in AMERICA, run by PAINTBALL PLAYERS.

Please click on the link below to hear Richmond and Denny further discuss the transaction.

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lordkyleofearth 12-20-2013 10:33 AM

Neat. I wish yall the best. Perhaps, as a sign of good faith, you guys could make a new SMG68 run? :D

punisher068 12-20-2013 12:59 PM

You beat me to it Kyle,new company to bug about my unicorn
Hope you make some magfeds to put CRAP 4 out if business too,magfed Phenom with Crossover eyes would be awesome too.Boxmag with Pulse internals too
Exciting news,good luck

senghing27 12-20-2013 01:31 PM

This is pretty cool.

Does the Tippman gang still own the WDP/Angel tech? Hmm... Hmmmm

russc 12-20-2013 01:34 PM

So...Tippmann is Canadian now?

everex5 12-20-2013 02:30 PM


FML. That is the end of that. I do not foresee anything good coming from this merger. Tippmann quality will probably suffer, their designs will shift towards stuff that is not what made Tippmann great. They were my last positive company for longevity in paintball. RIP to them. Maybe they will prove me wrong but history has shown otherwise.


russc 12-20-2013 02:33 PM

everex, if anything, Tippmann's quality took a massive nosedive after being acquired by Summit Partners in 2004. I'd assume that an investment firm like them would try to squeeze their companies for profit, and it showed in the shoddy workmanship and materials IMO.

I'm optimistic going forward, now that an actual paintball company owns Tippmann.

T-T 12-20-2013 02:36 PM

Tippman quality has not been good for a while... Can't get much worse. =P

paint-fool 12-20-2013 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by T-T (Post 2866025)
Tippman quality has not been good for a while... Can't get much worse. =P

I owned a couple of Tippmans and they are nothing special. They never had a quality feel to them.Bought my first one in 93. Heavy crappy trigger pull as well. Once I discovered AGD I knew what a quality mechanical gun was....long live AGD!

panhead4411 12-20-2013 02:58 PM

"industry’s leading brands of paint" Not sure i would have included DXS in that statement...have never had a good experience with any DXS brand.

They seem to have stopped making quallity stuff like they did in the days of old. My pro-lites are teh beast.

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