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PaintballX3 Magazine Special Themed Edition: The interview Issue, It's Live & Free!

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of PaintballX3 but it's a free magazine available online. You can also download it in pdf form if you want to "take it with you" on a tablet, etc. I've found it to be a good summary of everything happening in forums month-to-month along with some decent interviews.

I was reading one of their interview articles and noticed these replies.

Originally Posted by PaintballX3
What do you think the next paintball technology, advancement or change in paintball will be?
Originally Posted by Dennis Tippmann Jr (Tippmann Sports)
We see three major trends that will occur in the industry in 2014: An expanded interest in magfed, the resurgence of 50 caliber, and the expanded globalization of the sport of paintball. Obviously, there is increasing interest in the magfed category. We know many players have been hoping that Tippmann will enter into the category beyond the TiPX pistol which continues to be wildly popular. We see the opportunity to create a better magfed marker and a better magfed experience that will appeal to a much wider audience of players. We plan to develop the magfed category to be bigger and more exciting for players and fields.

The 50 caliber question has been out there for a long time but with the GI acquisition of Tippmann, we see synergies that can support the growth of this category that will help fields expand their player base. The 50 caliber growth is also something that will fuel the international markets as paintball continues to grow on a worldwide basis. We have many other products and projects in the works but unfortunately cannot discuss these endeavors. I do, however, want to thank all our fans for their support over the years and look forward to a strong 2014.
Originally Posted by Richmond Italia (GI Sportz)
2014 will be the year we remind people what a paintball company run by paintball players can achieve. I think the single biggest shift the market will see in 2014 is a continued growth of 50 caliber.
These aren't exactly "nobodies" in the paintball world, either. I found the refocus on .50 unexpected. Maybe someone will actually make a decent .50 cal pistol? What with the lessons they learned last time, maybe resistance won't be as fierce? Or is this "2nd verse--same as the 1rst?"

I, personally, wasn't opposed to .50 cal. I thought them branding it the "next best thing to make all your old equipment useless" was stupid, though. The bigger issue was I just couldn't buy it anywhere here in SW Ontario. Adrenaline, literally, had 1 box just for show and I never saw a box at Flagswipe. If I couldn't buy paint, I wasn't going to explore buying equipment. I could see it being useful in pistol form. Or, if it's significantly cheaper, in a "heavy gunner" platform for scenarios. Overall, I would see .50 as a supplement to .68, not a replacement.

Either way, 2014 could be interesting news-wise.
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hmm interesting.....

on a side note, looks like I will be shooting for this magazine this year
woot woot
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So, GI is trying to kill tippmann? .50 cal is for the foolish.

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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
.50 cal is for the foolish.

Definately "siggable".
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I completely agree that the shift towards 50 cal is rediculous, but I don't see the production of Tippmann's current line stopping anytime soon. They still sell really well.

That said, more mag-fed stuff with a Tippmann brand would be interesting.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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I originally poo-pooed .50 but as a low impact, light weight beginner setup for younger players and parties I've come around. The biggest current problem is a reliable gun and paint quality. GI's acquisition of Tippmann will probably change that.
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About 50 Cal.

I am more than likely going to get my second infraction for this, but here it goes anyway. **** 50 CAL. These ******* are trying to force us to go to a new caliber because the can only make so many more 68 products before the 68 train runs dry. They see this and want to force everybody to buy something new so the money to them keeps flowing. 50 cal. didn't work, 55 cal. didn't work, and all the others didn't work either. We are 68 cal., and that's where we are mother****ing staying.
Yea. :-)

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they're still barking up that .50 cal tree?
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And here I thought GI Sportz was a big corporation run by the board of directors for the benefit of the shareholders. Just goes to show how little I know.

It's good to hear that Tippmann is going to develop more products for the magfed crowd. The TPX was never more than a me too T8 sans build quality. Maybe they can make something I actually covet this time around.

Regarding .50 cal, I'm totally behind the resurgence. I hope that next summer everyone but me at the local field is shooting .50, that would be awesome!

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Here is something to think about -

Kee/JT's Splatmasters use 50 cal paintballs and make a really good 50 cal paint for them.
I know at the shop we can get cases of 1000, 2000 & if I remember right 4000.

That makes 2 major paint manufacturers that have their hat in 50 cal paintballs.
I like the stuff for getting younger players into the sport with a lower impact hit. Tippmann & GI might be able to build a better 50 cal mech paintball gun then when GI tried before.
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