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First paragraph in the link says blow forward.

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Imagine a mag valve with a reaaalllly long bolt.

Actually really impressed with this, I love short setups.
Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
i play pump because the electronic triggers hurt my feet (i shoot my toes)
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I have an old 68 special that would make a nice full auto/semi mag fed mod.

Just adding material to the sear to get rid of the slip style trigger would produce a rate of fire is a nice 10 bps .

It would be so easy to pull off short 3 round bursts (same mechinism as the old smg).
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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
First paragraph in the link says blow forward.
missed that, thank you

Beginning with a steel plate encased Polymer body,
I just somethingsomething a little, I can get some rust for a true post apocalyptic look.
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Mk3 users must be very happy... LoL
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Wow I totally forgot to post in McB....been on FB all day doing Q&A.

The prices are really affordable. The CQC is polymer and the XDC is aluminum. Different flavours

The HEAT core is a regulated system. Blow-forward spoolie.
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I just hope they have the kinks worked out since the Pra Pro. (Don't get me started.)

Also like to note that if they are using the same bolt as their Pra Pro's heat core, be prepared for a kick. As in a .22. The bolt is massive on the thing and even at the low pressure it kicks and KACHINGGGggggggsss quite loudly. It's actually kinda fun in that regard, but full auto like that... LOL hold on tight!

I'll believe successful full auto FS feeding/firing/not chopping when I see it. Again, hope they've troubleshooted since the Para Pro...

But, if all that's been fixed, then heck yea, order me up a cqb!
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Who in his right mind would even want to
fire FS full auto, cost not withstanding?
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I want to know more about that tank that is on the M17.
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Originally Posted by dorsai View Post
Who in his right mind would even want to
fire FS full auto, cost not withstanding?

I've shot a 12bps full auto magfed. Given that you have 20 or so rounds per mag, full auto isn't really practical. Sure, you can buy an over-priced boxmag, but now you need batteries and younare moving back to just playing traditional paintball with large, heavy, pricy gear.
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