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So... interesting. Makes some sense to use the TiPX platform since it is mag fed. I like the quick change 12g and stow-away remote connection. They put some thought into it - I hope it's an awesome gun and Tippmann sells a million of them.

It would still be cooler as an Thompson M1928A1 (Slightly modernized)

I think they have a winner with the M98 conversion kit. I mean, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Tippmann 98. But then Tippmann pretty much invented Mag Fed.
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...or if they built something with a usable sight picture and sensible gas potential.

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Seriously. I really don't know why they didn't do that. a magfed phenom would be super legit.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Not a bad first attempt, but I think they missed with the price point being>than that of the m17.
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So this is why I got a coy response from the Tippmann reps at WC when I asked where their answer was to all these FS platforms.

Okay, now make a mag conversion kit for the Pro-Carb. DO IT
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Looks suspiciously like the m18 silhouette at MILSIG M18 [MC-M18] - $289.95*CAD : MILSIG Canada, Paintball, Airsoft, Milsim Specialists. Richmond & Vancouver which isn't actually milsig if I understand correctly?
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Now why didn't they just make it an addon kit, like the real Roni?

since it was what they were going for anyway (or at least that's what it ended up looking like). Although, I must admit. I really liked that 12 quickchanger (and not only because a year ago i suggested something similar in a tipx thread).

Now that they made that tipx magwell for 98 thingy, why not make one that replaces the cyclonefeed? then you can have the sten-phenom FS marker?

Originally Posted by Mike Deep View Post
Okay, now make a mag conversion kit for the Pro-Carb. DO IT
or the SL68 and do this:
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
This is MCB we have higher standards than that! Go post that drivel on PBN!

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New gun from tippman? MEH. Cheap magwell for the 98 platform? YES!!
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I tried mag-fed when the TPX came out and wasn't overly thrilled. That 98C adapter really grabs my attention though. Throw a car stock on and run it with a 13ci. bottle.

Now if they release a 98C stock with a mag holder...

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Gotta be honest I'm a little disappointed that their big-deal magfed entry is essentially a body kit for the TPX.... Not to say it doesn't have some cool features and all, but I was hoping for more from Tippmann. Guess I should know better by now. Magwell for the 98 seems a lot more exciting to me.
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