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Play Paintball Marketing Campaign

There's a very positive Kickstarter project ending in a few days aimed at growing Paintball as a whole by creating professional advertisements designed to portray the game we love in a non-intimidating way. The goal is to bring new players into the game for the benefit of the entire industry, which will also benefit existing players.

The Kickstarter is looking for funding from field/store owners rather than players. Rewards start at a $250 pledge and no rewards are really of any use to individual players. There is an ability to donate any amount you like, no matter how small, with no reward if the project is something you would want to support.

I do encourage anyone to reach out to their local field/store and try to get them to view and consider the Kickstarter. The funding goal has already been met, but the project is far short of the ultimate goal. Any field owners willing to pledge money are truly investing in themselves both in marketing materials and long term/big picture industry health.

The end goal is to benefit everyone, not a single company or individual. Spread the word and pledge what you are willing. I regret not posting this up sooner!

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Saw this back when it started up. Thanks for bringing it back to light. I really liked the storyboard they had for the first ad.
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Nice. I'll look in to this.
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It is very positive. So many haters bitching about it though. Essentially this was for field owners to get some advertising for the businesses and people SOMEHOW see it as a money grab by the company trying to do something good *rolleyes*.
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Many issues with paintball is that a number of fields are ran terribly by lazy people and allow douchebaggery. So it turns off many new players. I feel changes need to start there and then try to change the perception of the sport to general public.
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I like what this is doing. It will help fields which lack any sort of social media presence. Which is too many fields. It will also help raise general awareness of the sport. Barley anyone I know plays paintball anymore, and when I ask them about it they're never oppose or disinterested in playing, most of the time it just never crossed their mind. Mind you most of these are people who enjoy spending their free time outdoors anyways, whether it be hiking or hunting or playing discgolf.
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Originally Posted by Acidpaintball View Post
Many issues with paintball is that a number of fields are ran terribly by lazy people and allow douchebaggery. So it turns off many new players. I feel changes need to start there and then try to change the perception of the sport to general public.

you hit the nail on the head.

When I started back in 1986 (yes I knew Moses and yes he preferred building ark shaped bunkers).
the big thing that impressed me is be it a bunch of guys getting together (for me the wild geese at SIU-C) what is now called renegade to mom and pop fields is to have fun.
they welcomed new players and (remember we still played with shop goggles and few chronos), insured you had fun, enforced rules like no overshooting.
Add to that most players were honorable and we didnt need a field full of refs.
in fact alot of the time we didnt have any refs at all.
cheating and douchebaggery existed but when found was hammered hard.

even when fast loading/shooting guns came out alot of fields I went to didnt tolerate "newbie overshooting".

but that started taking over the fields and more than once I "layed down my guns" and stopped playing for a while due to it.

We have to realize that we will never be main stream and especially due to the PC anti gun world we now live in we can and will be judged badly.

the best and IMO only way you get more numbers is word of mouth
just as when one bad experience is passed to multiple friends the same is for a good one.

I dont have a problem with helping fields IF they are fun, enforce the rules and put us in a good light.
but word of mouth is the best and most effective.

sorry for an old man player rant

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^ nailed it ^

And this is not specific to PB....what can make or break any activity is the people currently involved in that activity...if they love it and promote it and promote the experience to be a good one to the new will and can grow. If they act like jerks to new people coming to will fail.

*** Edit

Perhaps they should come visit some of these forums with people who have been playing since Moses was building ark shaped bunkers for Noah
Know a great marketer and videographer in my area that also has his FAA license for drone work in the area.

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