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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Earned my dues...
Can I have your autograph?!
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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
Originally Posted by Drum View Post
Someone ban that painthappy dude
Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.
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$100, get it while its still cheap.

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RIP Mr. Cornell. thank you.

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I would really love to join an EMR Castle Conquest, add this to my list of things to do!!! He said something in the video I didn't understand. Something like "I know this will be my last Castle Conquest..." Does that mean he's retiring? Is his son taking over and will the games continue?

Would hate to lose such a valuable part of the paintball community, though I can understand when someone says they want to retire and move on to something else :-)
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I think Blue's been retiring for ... 10 years?

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Originally Posted by Azzy View Post
I think Blue's been retiring for ... 10 years?

I watched the whole video, and I didn't get the retirement thing. He is still going to run the field, but he won't play? It seems more natural to just fade away. Now that they made a nice movie, he will have to deal with that baggage if he ever itches to play.
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I have a shed behind my old house that still has a stain from blue Nelson paint. That must have been 1988? It was right around when the local field switched from red to blue, and I took some home.

I think it was from the iodine? Most paint used iodine back then, and Nelson seemed to be the worst offender

That was a fun documentary, but seemed more to be about Castle Conquest then EMR, or Blue or Paintball. A few familiar faces as well

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Didn't he move down here to FL a year or two ago? I seem to recall hearing hims saying something like that awhile ago at a Finale. Maybe that has more to do with the "retirement".
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Great vid, had the pleasure to play against him at one of the old West Point games. The atmosphere of that game was great
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Great video. But it needed more rabbit.

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Even though my first game of paintball was with a rental Splatmaster back in 89 or 90, I consider myself relatively new to paintball not having purchased a marker of my own until four years ago.
It was Blue's Crew that managed to spark the interest of the rest of my family. Their generosity and sense of family are the reason you can see my wife and three kids in this video (no cool speaking parts like Chappy). Playing at EMR is one of the best experiences we've had together and it is the fair play and camaraderie that keeps us heading out to the field regularly.

It will be interesting to see just how retired Blue stays.
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