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Originally Posted by uglyduckling View Post
I haven't heard anything about wgp. Whats happening?
I think he means that a lot of companies are (presumably) happily paying a royalty so they can make new cockers....?
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WGP isn't coming back from anything, but their spirit sure has. Glad to see so many people responding well to the cockers resurgence. I think a lot of us that used to play when we were teenagers have reached the point in our lives where we're playing and actually have disposable income now. We like getting the markers that we always wanted when we were kids and now can afford to actually do it. It's good to see companies recognize that there is a market and a fanbase there that can be catered directly to, and that there are a lot of younger players that see those markers and have gotten a big interest too. This is cool!

Boston Paintball figured it out. Shocktech has figured it out. And Inception has figured it out.
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Yes! Thank the paintball gods!
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If Danny's going to cut his own 'cocker bodies, can he extend the breech a little and add a real ball detent to finally and forever end all roll out issues? BBT was always one of the best names in the game. Glad you're giving him a way to bring back some quality gear. New E-cocker is a must!
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Idk this is what he meant, but wgp being owned by Kee means that all of ththe new empire stuff (sniper, resurrection) are technically wgp, just rebranded.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Originally Posted by Jack Wood View Post
ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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Originally Posted by punkncat View Post
I think he means that a lot of companies are (presumably) happily paying a royalty so they can make new cockers....?
Rumor is...

jeff orr is helping design new markers

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In my eyes, the Autococker never died.
Yea. :-)

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Originally Posted by ascent View Post
Rumor is...

jeff orr is helping design new markers
i believe he is working with niche if i'm spelling that correct.
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What I meant with the WGP comment was that the ccm cockers started getting people jacked about pumps, and ressy cockers and inception made their models.

I also meant that the prices on a ton of old school cockers has jumped big. I remember almost getting a fishbone back in 2010 or 2011 for 200, and now people are asking crazy numbers for similar models...

It's good to see people jacked about the old school guns that stood the test of time - cockers and mags are back to stay!!!
I buy and sell mainly mag parts, but I will take a look at any guns. If you are looking for cash, pm me with what you have and how much you would like.
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While I'm happy that another company is getting back in the game, I just wish we'd see someone do something close to a base model gun that folks can build to their liking. That honestly is what made it so fun (and often times challenging lol) back in the 90's, buying a blank canvas if you will and acquiring bits and pieces and building it into your own masterpiece. While I know the industry has changed consderably since then, if more companies like ST, and Inception and Niche, put their feet back in the fire, maybe we could kind of get back to that place again? Having said that, I'm definitely ready for new addition to the SFL family, my '09 has been lonely!
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