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GI Sportz sues Valken ... Again

Another lawsuit of GI Sportz vs Valken.

Somewhat copying Shadawg's format from the last lawsuit.

Docket Listing:

Full Brief:
I have some images attached of the filing, I will try to post up a pdf if possible.

GI /KEE is suing Valken in Federal court in NJ for violating trade dress.
This lawsuit appears to be over the similarities between the GI(Empire(Invert)) Mini and the new Valken Code. I will just say that lawsuits and paintball aren't a good mix, and generally isn't great for anyone on our end.

Comparison Images Below.


Attached Images

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Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.

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Pretty much called it the second I saw the Code. It's ridiculous but not surprising at all. The shape is obviously a direct copy of the Mini.

The fact that the trigger shape is a part of it is the truly ridiculous thing. I mean, everyone in paintball uses an "S" style trigger. They really going to claim they have a patent on that?

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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I dunno. They're both just smaller Emags- trigger and grip on a tube.
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Good old Gardener Bros at it again.
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Ughh I've already decided I'm not going to ever do business with GI Sportz but now I feel like I ought to do business with GI Sportz' punching bags just to spite this behavior

Everything is made in China anyways so why is X & Y fighting over the right to use Z Chinese-made thing

EDIT: I'm going to correct myself - I did research and it looks like Simon from Inception invented the Mini. It should be him that's fighting the Valken Code if they'd copied his design without his consent. But I'm sure Simon signed some papers with GI Sportz ..

Carry on everyone ignore this post

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Gardners haven't been involved in GI since they left early on. Our Valken rep's sales pitch when this came out was literally "It's a Mini for only $250!". Valken's bringing these lawsuits on themselves. They've lost a Marballizer lawsuit twice now, and were even given fair warning on a least one if not both those occasions and chose to not comply. While I think the paint lawsuits were a little ridiculous, I fully support GI on this one. Valken copied the Mini's appearance intentionally and attempted to use that appearance to boost sales. They had a gun just as small and much more ergonomic called the Proton. They should have stuck with that body style.

Paintball companies have been taking legal action against each other since the early days. We just didn't have a company CEO always playing victim on social media to drum up sympathy in a backwards marketing campaign.

Valken New World paint is a planned middle finger to GI since the last paint lawsuit. Half swirled/striped shell, half solid color. Circumvents the trade dress, and Valken has been pushing sales of that ball hard.

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Back to paintball.
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"What is this weird Mini clone? Is that even a good idea?"

First thing I said when I saw the Code. I mean seriously Valken, the money spent on lawsuits could have gone to R&D and you could have created your own stuff, it's not like you're the new guy on the block.
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This has been Gino's business model since day 1. He's in the same league as the G and the I in GI. (Yes I know the Gardners are no longer involved, just sayin')

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Valken must believe they have more capital than GI.
Winning through attrition is a valid business tactic. A terrible and destructive one.
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Pointlessly feeding the lawyers is stupid.

Valken is more than capable of making things *look* different enough to avoid these types of lawsuits, even if they copy the operating system. :/


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