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What waist does the XL stretch to? And how much rump room is there? My main issue with ALL pants is space for my bubble butt. Still don't understand why clothes are made in 2D...
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Tan pants and a Harness Please!!

Bubble butt, bu, bu, bu, bu, bu, bubble butt... Sorry, had to get that out of the way. I'm a 30x32 if you can advise on the size that works best.
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Nice pants. I love that tpx though!! OMG new project.
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I have old DBD pants (love them)
I am wearing a large which seems to fit 38-40/42 inch waist
The mediums are to small for me at the moment - In my experience I would say they are good for 38 and under
I wore the extra large when I was a 42-44 and there was room to grow (I shrank) - I think Dukie has my Flectarn pants.
My pants length is 32/34 depending on who makes the pants - you can always hem up pants length. I have not had to.
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Small 28-32

Medium 32-36

Large 34-38

Xl 38-42

Xxl 42+

These are the sizes. I asked for generous inseams, a 35 for the large. so + 1 or so going up, and down.

They are RIP STOP FABRIC. They can easily be altered.

I have 2 pairs of XXL in multicam.

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I’m in for small multicam.
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Not to continue to beat a fat, half dead horse... Will the XXL for all the way out to 50 waist? (Yep, I am a round guy... think weebles wobble but they don't fall down kinda shape... I tell people I am in shape... Spherical is a shape, damn it! )


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Black harness please, thank you, have a good day.

Will shoot a PM
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Sent a pm... Awaiting the direction to throw money at you!
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OH YEAH! Awesome wares. What size might you be wearing in the thumb up photo?
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