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Blast from the past: Splattttttt, The Shootist, XFettX, C5tek, Dave Cameron


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This is awesome. Great memories growing up playing outlaw ball in Mass
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I miss Monster Paintball. It got you through the winter. Good times!
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This is the epitome of paintball right here. I play with these types of players every time I go to the field, and I love it. Pump changed the way I play the game at all. I now crave it.

Great vid.
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WOW! what a fantastic paintball time capsule
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Awesome! I dig it
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WES, RusskiX ,Shadowkit, nhmercracer , Fluff, Dalious , Capitalpaintball , Shadowace, Mailmanmike are in this too
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This video is part of why I'm on this forum at all, and why I love pump paintball.

It was my gateway drug and an excellent introduction into the positive perspective behind pump play.

Absolute classic!

I feel like I know the guys in the video, even though I've never met them.

Cheers to these "OG's!"
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