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Originally Posted by Jahnman View Post
But then Freeflow comes in and says "nope, nothing new here, were just gonna re-release our old designs because we dont really care, and just want to make a buck"
I love Freeflow, but I totally agree with this. Keep the old inspirations for sure, but give us new stuff. I was hoping there would be a cool new Lotus design, but from the others it just looks like re-hashes.
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My favorite body FreeFlow ever made is by far the Fulcrum. I have 2 right-feed pre-2K Fulcrum Cockers (1 in gloss black, and the other in gloss blue and chrome) I would love to have a new 2K center-feed Fulcrum, or Fulcrum inspired body to build up one more. Always liked the straight lines, strong angles, vented ribs and overall style of the Fulcrum. They are not just my favorite by FreeFlow, they are my favorite Cocker body period!
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Had a right feed fulcrum that was the easiest cocker to tune I've assembled. Loved the lines. Sorry I sold it, but I barely play, let alone play semi.

This version doesn't justify the extra cost to me. They'll sell though. I'll stick with inception designs for new stuff. I do like wire detents.
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Meteor didn't improve anything, they just made all of their own stuff. Nothing innovative in their designs. Shocktech was exactly the same before the Gunfighter frame, which only came out a few months ago. Inception was the same way at first, it took them a few years to start innovating as well. Freeflow has already announced that once they finish with their limited runs of classic body styles, they will release new bodies.

As a sidenote, they already sold out of their first body.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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The innovation I'm most excited for is Nummech's frame.
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Originally Posted by Alive View Post
The innovation I'm most excited for is Nummech's frame.
Word. Seeing photos of such a thing makes it really easy not to spend money elsewhere on other custom cocker stuffs. I’m sure they’ll be making a drop forward for the gas thru frame as well
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I don’t mind that they’re truly the classic designs- but I’m not putting down 1k for a body, I knew these would be expensive when I saw the limited number but this is just asinine.
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Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
Meteor didn't improve anything, they just made all of their own stuff. Nothing innovative in their designs.
Shens. The Red Valve System? How is that not innovative? They also didn't just regurgitate old designs, they brought forth new ones (feather body/frame).

If Freeflow brought back the Demonic body, I'd likely jump on it. Otherwise, these markers really aren't for me.

But maybe that's what they're going for? Start with pure nostalgia then move on to the new stuff?
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I was actually hoping for the option to only purchase a body and frame. With the current parts availability and quality, it would have been nice to pay a fraction of that to then put it together myself. Half the fun of owning and playing with autocockers' is knowing that you showed up to the field with something you built yourself.
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I wanna see what trigger frames they use.
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