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OK, maybe not old school by MCB standards, but in the realm of "paintball videos" these are the gold standard that we don't have anymore.

There's lots of free content, and a paid membership option. I'm not sure what is behind the paywall yet, but I may spring for it and find out. This is associated with the new NPL tournament league trying to get going. I think behind the paywall will be the NPL content when/if that starts.

I know tournament ball doesn't appeal to a lot of the MCB community, but I figured some guys would appreciate it and enjoy the old throwback videos. What are your favorites? Mine are Dementia and Bring Out Your Dead

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I was always a fan of the Pbfilms stuff back then. "Shoot, Kill, Die" comes to mind.
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I know their later work is much stronger, but DerDer 300fps will always be special for me.

that opening riff when it starts just grabs me by the heart.
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Fan of EMR
I loved Push back in the days.
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Push and 300fps are on there. I sprung for it as soon as it went live. I am excited to see what the NPL does. Hoping for something fresh and new.

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I think my buddy still has push on VHS packed away somewhere.
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Even when I was right into tournament ball, coaching, captaining, training every week...

I cannot stand PB videos. Music + clips = so, so boring. The docs are kinda ok... except for the long interludes where it's just music + clips.

Proper highlight reels of games, trad sports style? Love it. Shame they don't exist.
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Not sure why anyone would pay to watch paintball videos. To each their own I guess.
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Originally Posted by icedlegend View Post
Not sure why anyone would pay to watch paintball videos. To each their own I guess.
That's how more content gets made.

Obviously in this case they're showcasing older material, but generally that's how it works. I'm sure it's not cheap to host a bunch of videos, so it probably covers that as well.
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