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Google has just set the "Stadia" and changed the "game"

Gaming over "the cloud."

Apparently, the company that owns the Internet recognized a bridge needed building between gamers and game-viewers. But it doesn't stop there.

So how does it work? Basically you send input from your controller and device of choice, and the Stadia platform sends you back a video feed of your game.

So what?

Cellphone gamers, platform gamers, and highend VR gamers could, potentially, play the same game in the same lobby at the same time, via a link they shared on twitter or whatever. Or in other words, what Steam has never been able to achieve.

Owning the Internet has it's perks!

There are some serious questions to be answered, like: what latency are we talking? What bandwidth is required? Are games owned or rented? How much control do YouTube hosts get? What's monetization going to look like? Can I have fries with that?

Well, the burger rarely ever looks or tastes as good as advertised, but one Beta tester did report a roughly 500 ms latency over gigabit Internet connection, which let them enjoy an adventure game like Assassins Creed but not an FPS like Pubg. Though, for a Beta test, and the logistics involved, that's none too shabby.

What does this have to do with Paintball?

Well, the eSports industry's already drawing kids in that might otherwise be interested in paintball. If the barrier to entry gets lowered even further, to essentially a cellphone, maybe it's time the paintball industry started looking at ways to position itself as a crossover interest instead of a competitive product. Because we must acknowledge, between a $1000 smartphone or a $1000 paintball setup, only those interested in reading a post like this are more likely to choose the latter.

Perhaps the cold reality that is life will temper Google's end result, due out in "2019." But if we're good little boys, girls, and all inbetween, maybe we'll be able to judge for ourselves some time before Christmas. Start thumb-pilates now, training can never start too early!

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Release video:
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So... Skynet is building the Matrix?
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Does anyone read this?
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I wouldn't spend $1k on a phone or a marker. I think the market that needs to worry is rec ball, not tourneyball.
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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
I wouldn't spend $1k on a phone or a marker. I think the market that needs to worry is rec ball, not tourneyball.
I agree, too much of the industry has swung to tourny. All the tourny players start somewhere, often that's rec ball

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So overly elaborate planned obsolescence.


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Major lag is all I can say. Good for adventure games etc, but FPS? hell no.
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Small off topic rant.

What bothers me, is I live 3 miles from a main road, and yet I have NO internet available besides wireless from a cell phone provider. It seems more and more developers are moving away from single/split screen games and going to online only.
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When recball dies, tourney ball will be a few years behind.

Stadia is just another volley - internet gaming has already done more damage to paintball than anyone cares to admit. And with mixed reality starting to hit the gas in terms of development, paintball's main advantage (it's an FPS in real life) will vanish in the next 5-10. I'll personally be genuinely surprised if paintball is even 1/4 of it's current size as an industry in 15 years.

Which ties in: Stadia is less about Google getting into screen based gaming as it is about developing the cloud rendering infrastructure that will be required to drive mass adoption of MR. They, and almost everyone in the MR game, see cloud rendering and 5g as the key components of mixed reality going large, which is expected to replace smartphones and then go bigger. Stadia is a way to make money and iron out the initial bugs on the cloudside beta testing.

The benefits of mass MR to google are huge. They're creaming themselves over the possibilities. Following everyone's interests all the time, only now including IRL interactions? It's the next logical frontier for them.

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I don't mean to be rude so I hope it doesn't come off that way.

Why does anyone here care about "the industry"? We need mainstream paintball for one reason only, to keep cranking out .68ish gelatin capsules. Beyond that, we can take care of ourselves and practice our own preferred playing styles amongst friends.

As far as I'm concerned, the primary impact of "the industry" over the past 15 or 20 years has been to turn paintball from an interesting strategy game into a double-digit bps sprayfest in the name of short term paint sales. As long as I can still buy paint, "the industry" can dive off a cliff.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
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