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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
Why do all these new guns seem to be moving the grip and trigger further and further back?
Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
i'm a big fan of feednecks that are more towards the middle of the body, like a cocker, i feel like it balances out a lot better
Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
The feed tube being further and further forward of the trigger frame gives the hopper weight leverage against your hand on the trigger frame. This makes the gun feel smoother. This is why the luxe had a reputation for smoothness, and this is why all of the newer guns feel smoother too.

Besides lowering cycle speeds, putting a big weight forward makes the end of the gun heavier and harder to vibrate around / move when the gun cycles.

Its easiest to see by looking at where the feed tube is in relation to the trigger. Cockers are pretty neutral.
Preferences on this have flip flopped over the years.

Some of what Cunha said is true. Moving the feed forward of the grip/trigger does help mitigate some barrel rise and make the gun feel less "kicky", to a degree.

But the other, and main reason, is that most players want a more stable platform. One that is less "reactive" to inputs from the player.

In the old days designers thought that getting the gun to "balance" on the heal of your grip hand was better. It makes the gun feel more reactive, or nimble. It only requires small inputs from the supporting hand to move the gun around.

However as the game changed and running and gunning and laning became crucial elements of the game, players wanted something less reactive and more stable and predictable. So the foregrip was moved forwards, the rear grip backwards, and that stretched out feel that is more common now became the norm.

Hope that helps answer that question.

Other points:

1) those are all potatochops and nothing to do with PE. The guns shown in those images are not physically possible to create, by us, at least.

2) there is some degree of accuracy in the statement about LV solenoids. As you may or may not have noticed, we/PE have moved away from MAC Valves USA product all together now.We had always had a good relationship with MAC, but we kept having issues in production and supply, and it was just becoming increasingly difficult and cost prohibitive for us, and we felt we owed more to our customers to provide the very best product we could. The LV was the last to go, as we couldn't find a suitable valve to replace it with, so we ceased production. We have been working to develop a new solenoid valve that we could use in a future LV/Poppet valve gun, but until we are 100% with a possible new alternative, the LV/Ego line will be taking a break.

3) There is no LV2 planned, designed, drawn up, prototyped, or in testing at this time.

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