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Deadbox Before Dishonor - New Clothing Company


Available in Black, Red and Blue, sizes L, XL, and XXL

Please contact MAr as to why shirt was discontinued and with any questions. Thanks.


Available in Black, and Red. Siazes L, XL, and XXL


Available in Black. Sizes L, XL, and XXL

All shirts are $22.00 USD + SHIPPING

SHIPPING WILL BE $5 for first shirt, $2 for additional

P.M. MAr to order

Thanks again to everyone who helped - either with designs, ideas, letting me bounce stuff of of them or in any other way. I appreciate the support and help immensely.

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears...
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Black 6

Oh man I like that black 6 shirt !

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Wish I wasn't so damn poor, or I'd buy the first and last(I refuse to buy the second until I actually GET an S6, or at least hold one).

Edit: And I agree with the above, the black 6 shirt is the best one on here!
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Lovin' the black six shirt. wish it was a 45 frame.
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very nice. i look forward to the "wtf?" looks when i wear the 12 gram one around
Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
drill for eyes and don't install any.
That'll teach her
Originally Posted by shredxcam View Post
Mini a t2 or s6/6.5
Then eblade it
My Feedback
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Dang, great work Mar!
Turned out awesome!
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Use to be here a lot
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Why does this kind of stuff always have to come out when I'm flat broke? I'll be buying a few next payday for sure.
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I think you should make one with the actual words "Deadbox before Dishonor" on there!
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So your stereotyping all MCBers as pump players? I must be a rebel then, shooting a gun that has a mini computer in it.

They look great! I'd love to see one that says something like MCB on it.
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I'm getting the "loaded" shirt...that thing's bad ***. I love nerdy paintball my old Sheridan jacket.
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