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Originally Posted by Ir0nExpress View Post
I've used my glasses and Profiler combo for this...

I sweat like a pig and I was hoping to use my glasses and save money on not using contacts.

I used the stuff during Pump Pandemonium this weekend and a few other times and I've come to the verdict:

The stuff doesn't work.

I've tried multiple methods of application, such as waiting it to dry overnight then buffing it out, waiting about 30 minutes, waiting 5 minutes, wipe on/wipe off. I've tried leaving buffing it lightly leaving enough to see it streak, I've buffed it out with microfiber to the point where I the lenses look clear.

I noted that the sweat drips down my face when I play, so I concluded maybe my own sweat was melting the coating off, so I threw on a Bandana to act as a sweatband, didn't help either.

Back to contacts for me unless there's a suggestion or pointer of what I'm doing wrong.
Originally Posted by Clearush View Post
I don't really have much of an issue with fogging so much as I sweat so much that water condensates on the inside of the lens. Does the Fogdoc help with this at all or is it just strictly an anti-fog product.
can u answer those 2 post?

shampoo has been working great for me before but last time i went out i was getting a lot of fogging. it might have been because i use a different shampoo or sweating too much.
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Originally Posted by hmcl281 View Post
can u answer those 2 post?

No problem,

Originally Posted by stupiddogg View Post
The reason I use some glycerin is because it helps remove moisture from the air, lens, etc and it has a hygroscopic property and is also used for a solidifying agent. (thats why it is a gel)
Where it wont absorb sweat and water like a shamwow, the characteristic of a hygroscopic compound is that they will take up or absorb moisture. Now if someone sweats like a pig (no disrespect :P) the results may not be as evident or clear, but I have found for normal usage it helps more than anything else out there


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I am not sure why we are giving this gentleman the fifth degree here. He has a product, let's let it speak for itself.

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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I am not sure why we are giving this gentleman the fifth degree here. He has a product, let's let it speak for itself.


sorry if it appears that way, just trying to get a general idea if it works better than shampoo. i bought expensive product that suppose to be good before and my shampoo works a lot better.
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I like it. And I am pretty sure its cheap enough to try it (if people have not done so) and if your not happy... just get in touch with him. Simple enough.
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I used it on my glasses at the field today,and LOVE it.
Roughly treated my bathroom mirror tonight before taking a shower.Now my back has been hurting all weak..that means about a 15 minute searing shower.Once I was done I got out,and let just the pure hot water run through the shower for about 5 minutes more.Here is the result.Bear in mind I had to keep backing away from the bathroom,because the camera wouldn't stop fogging.
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put some on the camera lens
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
you win at everything forever.
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Originally Posted by GunRaptor View Post
I love how we are more concerned with the fate of this paintball gun than we are about AIDS kids in Africa.............
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