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Ok I'm confused.

A few weeks ago I purchased a marker off of Facebook and was told it was a stroker conversion. I was satisfied and very happy with the marker and was told in advance it leaked. It's a back bottle conversion with brass line going from the rear asa to two spots ( I guess the valve and lpr) and yea it leaks. Vents out of the front of the lower tube enough to drain a 9oz tank in less than 1 minute. I'm thinking the coupler o ring is trashed and I'm ok with that. The ram and 4 way didn't seem to be leaking and the marker would cycle so that's a plus. Now comes the confusion... the serial number is P1867... like it is a Typhoon. It has markings from Sheridan and a Sheridan serial number stamped on it. The barrel and the lower tube are the same lenght also unlike my labeled Typhoon P1783. So what should i order parts for Stroker conversion or a Typhoon or are they one and the same? The finish on the new one leaves a lot to be desired with staining and minor corrosion on the nickel plating. Can the plating be safely stripped or should i just bite the bullet and send it back to Palmers for replaiting? Any advice is appreciated.
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If u could post a picture or two from various angles that include the lower tube that would help a bit.

Likely what you have is a original Sheridan or PMI that had a replacement barrel soldered on.

The nickel finishes can vary quite a bit based the condition and content. The brass varies from a smooth "greyish" color to the more usual "satin" blasted finish to a high polish.

With the lower tubes being the same length what your are describing is a Stroker. If it has the serial number on the brass sight-rail then it makes sense that it would have been added when it was converted.

I believe that it runs about $100 to strip nickel and probably about the same to re-plate.

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you can also call pps to confirm the parts yah need they keep really good records
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Strokers and Typhoons share the "P" designation, it simply means "Pistol" configuration.

If the top and bottom tubes are the same length, it's a Stroker based off of a P-series Sheridan pump. If the bottom tube is longer, then it's either a Typhoon, a Hurricane, or a converted KP-series rifle.

Either way, they all take the same rebuild kit.

Nickel can be stripped and replated but from what I understand it's very expensive... I've been told that it would be better off getting a new conversion built.
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