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Anyone have an opinion on Macbook Pros?

Anyone have an opinion on Macbook Pros? I am about to head back to school for Graphic Design and Media Arts and will need a computer that can handle heavy software. (Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium Edition) I am thinking about the Macbook Pro with retina display and 2.6 ghz i7 with 16 gigs of ram.
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Not a bad setup at all. 16GB of RAM should easily handle everything you'll ever throw at it. Some of the tools are Mac OSX specific in the graphic design or media arts world. With that in mind depending on what you'll be using you can find them in a PC package as well and for the same cost as you'd pay for that MBP you could get an even higher specd machine on the PC side. Just my 0.02 but whatever floats your boat and does the job is the best buy.

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My school uses mac so that is why I am looking that direction. I have never used a mac for a long period of time so that will be a learning curve too.
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I've have a Macbook Pro that I got 2 years ago and it handles everything I throw at it, including some games and video editing. The only thing I don't like is the battery life and my screen is one of the smaller ones. If I was going to upgrade my main interest would be the 15"+ screen, unless you want a smaller one for portability and will be able to hook up to an external screen like the Apple display. If you wanted to save money on an older Macbook, note that one like mine can't mirror with Apple TV even if you upgrade it to the newest OS.

I also like the build quality of the Macs, they just feel like streamlined machines without extra bulk. My work uses a ton of Macs, and I've found the Macbook Pro to be more reliable than the Macbook Air, if you were considering one of those at all.
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I'm on a Macbook Pro right now. Just from my job I do a LOT of graphic work, as well as video production and photo editing.

I will probably never go back to a PC. I'll just leave it there.

My only complaint with the MacBook Pro(I have a 13") is that the battery life is pretty poor compared to some of the comparable PC's in it's price range. Just nitpicking though, I get about an hour and a half off it now.
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I have an 15" i7 mbp from mid 2010 and I love the thing. Upgraded the ram and added an ssd and second hdd with ease and it runs all the games I've played on it so far.
(ARMA2, IL2, SC2, COH, Men of War:AS, DOTA2, CS:GO)

With the most recent MBPs you're a tad more limited when it comes to upgrading.. The ram for instance is soldered to the motherboard so the setup you buy from Apple is how it's going to stay unless you like russian rulette odds.
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Well my wife ordered it this morning. So it looks like that is what I will have. Macbook Pro with retina display, 2.6 ghz i7, 16 gigs of ram and their wonder drive or whatever it is called (external cd drive) got $200 off for being a student so that paid for the ram,
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I have had a 13" macbook pro since 2009 and love it. Haven't upgraded the ram so I only have 4gbs but still works great, edit videos in premiere and final cut 7, use photoshop daily and many other programs.

I can load 100 photos into photoshop for editing and still run many chrome tabs and get by fine (can't run anything else though at the same time).

Goodluck and as Vegard said, the new Macbook pros with retina display have all soldered in components so keep that in mind if you do plan on tweaking later on.
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Good Choice, been using the baseline rMBP since they came out and its been a trooper. I can have a virtual machine up, eclipse along with all the normal apps with nary a stutter. The screen is also exceptionally clear, I generally run it hooked up to either 2 20" screens or my hi res 27" at home, and other than sometimes it takes 30 seconds to switch I haven't had any problems.
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As a person who does CAD, I shudder thinking about Macs...but that's just me.

To be honest, at this point on the technology road, the performance between Macs and PCs are roughly the same. The common belief that Macs are better for graphic design and DCC is due to the fact that Macs come with these multimedia design software already installed, and Macs came out with complete DCC workstations, whereas those are much harder to find with PCs.

Also, it boils down to Macs vs. PCs, form vs. function, a very crude comparison, but it's valid. Macs appeal to graphic and web designers because they look nice, from the colors to the fonts to the physical machine itself, and you artsy creative types love that, totally cool with me. On the other hand, not every PC is a killer in the looks department, but they do the job, are very affordable and upgrade-able. Long story short, Macs => good marketing/advertisement + beautiful design + specific target audience = BAM! they look better than your wife BEFORE she had kids!
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