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Your best photos of 2012

I was going to post this towards the end of the year, but why not get a head start?

Your best/favorite photos of 2012. Go.

These first two were taken as candids at a local football game. I just liked the shots a lot.

These next shots were all from the Blue Angels Homecoming Show last weekend.

This was taken in the gardens where I work. This photo was chosen because it was featured by several companies in the industry as well as the company I work for.

This shot was taken as an "I'm bored, I'm going to be creative" kind of thing. I ended up submitting this into an art contest at school and got 2nd place.

This is one of those shots that I look back on and think "that's where I started to get it" kind of thing. This shot is special in a way to me because it's when I really started getting into photography and started playing with different lighting setups and what not. I ended up using off camera strobes fired manually with a really long exposure.

I ended up choosing this photo because of the little man in it. This kid was like a little brother to me, as he stayed in our guest room for nearly 3 months.

Smoke Photography. Fun project I did over the summer.

Well, there are a handful of my favorite images that I've taken this year. Feel free to post up yours and explain why you chose them!

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These have stood out to me so far this year.

img828 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

img853 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

img947 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

imgb058 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

imgb095 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

imgb179 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

imgb206 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

imgb212 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr

imgb249 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr
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Sun n' Fun




Solar eclipse


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Brass and Wood Fan
Really loving your air show shots there Mike great capture of the sense of speed in both of them. I also love the photo of the discovery cockpit that's really really neat to see. Basically all of your photos you posted are amazing.

I think to date my nicest photos were the ones I posted over in the rate the photo above you thread but I'll re post them here.

I do have a couple more amazing shots from the same wedding but I've haven't uploaded them to Photobucket yet I'll have to get on that and post my full set for all the forum to see lol

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Attachment 36055

Attachment 36056

Attachment 36057

Attachment 36059
Arctic Storm.
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Just a few from this year.

About as subtle as a flying brick

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