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Drop the iso to 100, set the camera on a tripod, take an image on program mode.

Look at the recorded aperture and shutter speed.

Set the camera on manual

Adj the settings to match, shoot a frame.

Adjust the shutter speed to a longer exposure, take a frame

Revel in the fact that you get instant feedback on the camera back.
Repeat the twiddling till you get what you want.

You can even close the aperture to a really small pin hole, get awesome depth of field and take a 3 second exposure while playing a flashlight on your subject.

And you don't have to wait 2 days to see a contact sheet of your experiments!
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Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post
The paper I'm using is about the same thickness of wrapping paper but it isn't translucent. I've tried adjusting the AEB but neither seemed to make much of a difference. I did try with flash and a high flash exposure compensation and while it did white out the background more I did get a bad glare off the marker. The yellow cast may be coming from outside the box from the office lights, I'll experiment with that when I have time. I'll post back with more detailed pictures with settings..
The second photo here is spot on! You have a little shadow and reflection on the bottom, but that is either a quick fix in PS or the background paper you are using.
Try getting one really long piece ( matte white colored, nothing shiny ) and use it in one continuous piece for the back and curving it around for the bottom where the marker sits on it. Try not to conform the paper to the shape of your box, or fold it in any way, just drape it.

If you are comfortable using regular lights, you could always add a set just to light the background, using the current set to just to light the marker. Just make sure you flag off the back two lights.
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