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Mega ZOOM question - Canon

Hi everyone

Next tuesday I am shooting at a graduation inside an area that is pretty much well lit. If anyone is in the area, it is the Cox/Viejas Arena at SDSU and it is a basketball/other stuff kind of Arena.

I want to be able to shoot the graduates walking up the stage from the stand and I am planning on shooting using a 400 F2.8. Does anyone have any experience shooting from such a length?

I am also considering the 200-400 F4 but I am afraid that there may not be enough light to use the 200-400 since I only get one shot.

The problem with the 400 is not just the prime, but also the weight (nearly 30 lbs) for that giant thing.

So back to the question: Have anyone have experience shooting in an arena, and what would you recommend?

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well if you're shooting from the stands a 400mm would probably be a safe bet but yea 30lbs of lens would be a downer. A big question I would have before I would suggest either though is what camera body are you putting them on? if it's something with good low light performance than go with the 200-400 if it's something where low light is not it's real strength the 400 with it's 2.8 would be a better bet weight aside of course.

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The 400/2.8 is not something I would jump in with if you've never used it before. Long lens technique requires practice.
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I have used the 400 before. It was just a pain in the *** for someone who is only 5' 6"

I just reserved the 200-400 instead, and I am shooting from a 5d mark ii. So I will just have to use the higher Iso.

Will report back the result.
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What about the 400 5.6 or the 100-400? Both respectable lenses... And lighter.
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