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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
not sure if you guys know this or not canon can not use old lenses on newer camera and old camera can not use new lenses. they are not interchangeable. i also want to get 150-600 or 200-500 if go that route i have to use tripod or monopod. since lenses will be to heavy and hard to keep steady. best be is 18-300 or 18-200. since 18-200 or 300 will have better image quality over some basic 70-300

on some canon lenes....there is an "s" designation..i.e.- ef-s..
these were designed for the "prosumer" set...typically below the 1 series..
my 7dmk2 can use mkiv ....not so much...
they were made to compensate for the "zoom" factor on the smaller sensors.

while the EF lenes will work with all EOS bodies...ef-s are slaved to those designed to take em...

and while some will argue this....its the glass all about the glass...(and the shooter)
gimmie a an old 10d with a "l" and ill out shoot most new shooters running the newest fastest body and a crap lens!

my advice to all new to most expensive glass u can buy that will leave you enough to buy the body that will serve your needs..
if thats a 4 yo be it...youll have your "L" glass longer than your rebel!
damn i still have a 24-70 first saw use on my 1v......yea THAT'S A "V" in freakin film! ..'member those days???
and through just about every digi eso body canon rolled on since...its been mounted and performed just a crisp! glass glass!!
but i digress!
again...thank you all for da' input!
im hoping my first foray into the battle will be the garden state open...but we shall see!
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