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not sure why i getting back light or back lite photo's

if in woods shoot out to sunny field or like Brevardís Renaissance Fair if shoot with sun behind me or under tree with me standing in shadow i get back lite or back light photo's where i have to edit photo's by make exposure higher. and if have auto-iso on and tell camera in manual or aperture mode camera will go lower the 1000 or 2000 iso i told not to go lower. also some time 1/1000 will be off to way to high or low at times even thou told not do so in auto-iso. i am now have to learn go full manual and not use auto-iso any more. which was life saver for me when i shoot college sports where light change way to much.
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Tough thing with digital is that you have to expose for the highlights. On auto the brighter background is causing the camera's light meter to underexpose (for your subject). In manual you could compensate for this but you'll lose highlight detail.

Best general advice: learn how your camera sees so you aren't relying on it to hopefully see what you see. Buying a hand-held light meter will go a long way towards progressing with your photography.

In this situation a speedlight or on camera flash powered down would've yielded a more even exposure (fill flash). Don't want to use flash: put your subject in the light or let the highlights go and expose for the shaded area.

The second photo, more specifically the subject, can absolutely be pulled in photoshop. Just gotta learn layer masking... best of luck.
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that issue i having my D5300 and D7200 never had this issue only came up when i got my Z6. trying to figure out what was causing it. going to be huge learn curve for me. since my compression issue will get in way. since where i work at if i do not look at what i doing my mind get confused.i always had learn issue problem still have just take me longer to work around it. was not for world of warcraft i would have to look at key board all time to type. since i have to see what i am doing or lose my mind. taught me that do not need to watch what buttons to push or have to look at key board to type messages too. so this going to hard long fight. every time go to do volleyball soccer or softball/baseball i set camera up like jarden polin said as starting point. i make changes from that point based on lighting issue that's why i loved auto-iso made so easy for me. since do not double check have to change setting on fly and go wrong way by mistake.
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