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X-box live gamertags (old version)

List them here. Also specifiy if your playing on a 360 or not and which game/s your currently playing.


gears of war
and the H3 beta (soon)


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i'm A5 on live but i don't play very often. and i don't have a 360...
i've got 4 original Xbox's and play mosty system link of Star Wars BF II, halo, halo2, ghost recon2, etc...

EDIT: i've had the A5 tag for many years, got it the day live was enabled...
but i'd like to get some sort of freedom tag... like freedomxxx or something...

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Origonal Xbox playing Halo 2

My brothers (paintballman) tag is OSpaintball.
Actualy its my tag but he uses the acount way more than I do (I get on like 4 times a year if that)
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Karma Enforcement Agency
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Only GoW at the moment (Although we do have halo, halo 2...etc)

Took us 45 names, eventully we went along the movie shelf and picked a name and cerial number . Stupid mainstream products....
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Gear fanatic.
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Omega Evolved

360, H2 & GOW

-Omega Chief (<sadly that tag "died")
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Beach House
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Wuatever (my dad's lol..)

Rainbow 6
Fight Night Round 3
Splinter Cell
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Hotshotacorn here, normally Halo 2 but I started playing Oblivion again and haven't in only in a couple weeks...
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won't matter, by then i should be in islands drinking Mai Tai's And pina colada's all on your dime and living a carefree life
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First time in history someone has called a deer's hair brunette
My feedback
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Fan of EMR
Brass and Wood Fan
NJ Kindred

Playing a little bit of everything lately, but mainly:

Gears Of War 3
Halo Reach

Strive for that moment when you're only a slice of pizza and a hooker away from paradise.

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"Paulson Robert"

Been playing Call of Duty 3 for 360, great game.
Pumper for life.
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Halo 2, GoW, DoA4(barely), GRAW.

So hs, ever wake up in another city in another time wishing you could be someone else? You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake...
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