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I'm not a gamer, but this may interest some of you...

Gamester Race Pac Racing Wheel/Seat/Pedals for PS2 & Xbox

If I had a console, I'd probably get one of these. If they made one for PC's, I'd probably get one. If they made one with a flight stick, I'd definitely get one, if only to play X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter (which I just can't play with the joystick...I've tried...).
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Looks flimsy and just has rumble, no real force feedback. Sorry, have 2 sidewinder joysticks and 1 steering wheel, and they all have full force feedback and its hard to downgrade.
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I keep saying that one of these days I'm going to treat myself to a full blown "gaming chair" of these days.

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If I were to buy a gaming steering wheel, I would pick up the Logitech G25, its for pc only but I'm not really into consoles anyway. I'm also not into racing games enough to make it worth the money, but it looks NICE.
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We'd just make one of these

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