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still can't use doors. it'll open, and sometimes it'll let me walk thru it, but thena few seconds later, it'll shut again and teleport me back into the room i was in previously.
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thats why i bring my own balls. and if they dont play nice, i play with myself.
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Mar, I want to fondle your wood.
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Originally Posted by mechman View Post
Hey philosophia what is the seed number to the map you mentioned?
I've tried recreating the map but it loads normally every time I try. I can send you the map I've been working on if you want, it'll just have what I've done so far still there (a small wheat farm and some minor exploring).
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pumper fo life
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is the reason why the server is down?
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pumper fo life
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ive been trying to get on but its very infrequent when the server in on or off
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Would it be best to reset the whole server and start from scratch?
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If you decide to reset it all... Consider running a Tekkit Lite server


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i still can't interact with the world in any way. i break a block, it immediately comes back. standing on pressure plates do nothing, selecting things in my inventory and it disappears.

not sure if people still play, but i heard notch just gave a big update, now has horses.

not sure if there are plans to reset server, or if it's even needed. if a vote is needed, i'm ok with voting in favor of a reset.
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It's not like the server is of much use as-is. I can't open chests to save things for a reset, so either way I'm starting over.

The new launcher appears to allow you to run multiple versions, so an update to a new version wouldn't break connecting to an older server.
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I've had issues with the permissions plug in and have just switch back to the old one... Not sure if everything is fixed or not but I just updated the server to the latest beta version of bukkit. Please report back if blocks are still an issue. thx
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it works now, until i crashed the server
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