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Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
KoolKat - You don't need to get all crazy springing up to heavier weights right away, just increase your total weight lifted per workout. Add reps, and blast them out as fast as you possibly can.
It's been 5 months now (well 3 at the current weight) So not sure when i really should increase the weight. I have been adding reps but it still feels less effective.

Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
Also, make sure that you are not doing the same lifts on every workout. Check or go to the Barnes and Noble and look through some lifting books. Buy one that has some lifts in it you're not currently using and switch it up. Just changing the way you lift will stress your body in a different way and keep you progressing.

If you've been doing bench press, do incline press. If you've been doing incline press, do decline press. If you've been doing classic curls, do hammer curls. Replace your squats with lunges for a while. All of these can be found on the internet and a very mild amount of google-fu.
See and that's one of those things i know but cannot wrap my head around the "why". Because I wasn't feeling like my routine was being effective i started doing ALL of my lifts every session just looking for that feeling of effectiveness. What's the theory on why alternating sessions is so important?

Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
Also, keep in mind that it is almost impossible to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously after you're over the initial stress of starting a workout plan. It takes a calorie surplus to build muscle, and a calorie deficit to lose fat.

If you're trying to lose weight, here's the theory: Eat at a caloric deficit to force your body to burn fat. You train resistance during this time so your body doesn't consume muscle while you're on a calorie deficit. Always remember that muscle is the body's most readily available and easily broken down source of additional energy. If your body is not using the muscle, it'll be broken down for energy while the fat continues to be stored. Don't worry about building muscle until after you've lost the fat you want to lose.
Yeah while my first 2 months on the scale didn't show much, the inches on my waist told a different story. I think i was losing fat weight at near the same rate as i was gaining muscle. Should note that I was Really Really outta shape!
Originally Posted by pillage View Post
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I did the same thing when I first started. After the initial portion where your body begins adjusting to activity in general, you want to focus on either building muscle or burning fat.

Since you've been plateaued at the same weights for a while now you probably need to add. I didn't know it had been that long.

Here's why weight training is important, and why it's just as important to rest and alternate.

Calories burned during a weight lifting session are very minimal, it's really a negligible amount. The reason weight training is important during any weight loss plan is for a few reasons.

1. It keeps your body from consuming lean mass instead of fat.
2. It raises your resting metabolic rate during the recovery period.

There is a "residual calorie burn" after a weight session as your body kicks into repair mode, and some studies suggest that this burn is present up to 48 hours after a weight training session. However, if you do not allow your muscles to go into recovery mode (by not taking a day off) you do not get the benefit of this burn. You basically reset the clock.

How often do you lift? If you want to lift daily, you need to come up with two routines. One for mon/wed/fri and one for tue/thur (You NEED some days completely off). You need to alternate your muscle groups, so you're not working the same muscles on tuesday that you worked on monday. (as much as possible)

If you only want to work out three days per week, then you can do a full body work out each day. Make sure there is at least one day off in between work outs. None of this working out monday-wednesday and taking the rest of the week off stuff.

You also want to make sure you're working your opposing muscle groups correctly. If you are working your biceps, you NEED to work your triceps, for example. This is the reason you sometimes see people who are "ripped" with poor posture or frequent injuries.

Try this (all can be done at home with dumbbells).

Do a circuit. What I mean by this is get ready to do all of these different exercises in a row. One set of each exercise with as little rest as possible in between until you've done a complete circuit. At the end of the circuit, take a 15-45 second break and start again.

Bicep Curl
Tricep Extension
Upright Row
Bench Press
Dumbbell squat

Do three or four circuits. If you're using challenging weights, do three. If you are still using the lighter weights, do four.

My gym says this about your weights: "If you are able to finish the last rep of your final set, you need to increase your weight. You should never be able to do all 10 reps of your last set." Now, they are talking about building muscle at the fastest rate possible, not necessarily just someone who is trying to lose weight. That being said, it should at least be a challenge to finish your last set.

Pick up dumbbells of a few different weights if you prefer not to use a gym. Dumbbells are a lot less expensive than the cost of being overweight!

I should go ahead and add this. I am NOT a pro. I am NOT a personal trainer. I am NOT a trained dietitian. I am just a guy on the internet who has been fighting with his weight and workout routines for a while. I have done a pile of research and reading. I have found that there are MANY different theories on weight loss, diet, and exercise. I have found a lot of completely feasible, logical sounding, and absolutely contradictory theories; and they've all worked for someone. You are different than I am. What works or has worked for me may have little to no effect on you. The only 100% true facts I can give you are these:

1. The human body must be challenged to adapt.
2. Once the body is not challenged, it will stop changing.

Our bodies are constantly trying to be at an equilibrium, the key is to shake it up and keep forcing change.
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Originally Posted by spaz66777 View Post
I am wonder how you boy/girls are doing? Been sticking to the plan?

Regular workouts? Are you dieting? Both?
January was good. I stayed on point, hitting the gym 4-5 times a week consistently after a 1 week break from the gym in December.

I got sick in February, as well as taking care of sick kids, so my plan was totally destroyed for most of the month. It's the residual cough that kept me out, because I could barely do any physical activity without hacking up a storm.

I got back into it this month, starting with intervals, and I just restarted the weight training today.

As for diet, the challenge I have is trying to get all my meals in. Over the years of working out and lifting weights, I'm all good with healthy choices like lean meats, vegetables, and healthy carbs. In other words, the types of food is not a challenge to me. It's getting all in. There are too many days when I'm not even meeting my baseline calorie intake.

It's all about damage control. Life happens.
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Absolutely mxmtl. It sucks when you get sick and fall off the wagon for a couple weeks. I've found that it's better to take a few more days off than you think you may need because a relapse sets you back so much further than those extra 2 days.
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