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Show Off Your Photography Rig:

I had recently pulled out my old A-5 after a couple of years of storage and decided to check out my favorite paintball site. As I lurked around (as I used to a few years ago) I was quite pleasantly surprised to see a Photography subforum on MCarterBrown!

I have a feeling that the guys and gals like you and I are somehow predisposed to cool, gadgets that "shoot".

I'm interested to see what everyone is shooting with and what your background is. So lets post 'em up...

The Show Off Thread!
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I'll go first:

I used to be a wedding/event photographer on weekends but sold off most of my equipment except for my old trusty Nikon D70 and a 24-120mm VR lens. I used the D70 for a few years here and there for personal use and for work. Then one day, it stopped focusing while I was shooting a job for the Architectural firm that I work for. Luckily for me, the company president was in my boss's office when I broke the news of my broken camera. Long story short, they had me put together a shopping list of equipment I needed to become the official photographer!

I gave them my list and I told them that I would pay for half of the kit with the condition that the equipment would be mine for whatever purposes I chose but that my services as a photographer was theirs.

A year later, after a dozen or so formal architectural shoots (typically costing $2,000-5,000 if done by an outside photographer) the company reimbursed me the money I spent for my half of the price in the form of a bonus.

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Similar story happened to me. I got picked up by a University Professor to develop and generate his website. With that said, I got a tasty camera setup as well.

Had a Canon 300D w/ a 70-300 crap lens that I used for a long time, at least a year.

Recently, as in Tuesday, upgraded to a much nicer Canon 10D. It's a very nice camera in many regards, I believe it has a pretty dang nice 50-135 lens at the time being, not really sure. Of course, I can run my old lenses as well.

For film, Yashica af200. Nice camera, runs Sigma glass at the moment.
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I started with a Sony Alpha 200... Then jumped over to nikon, got angry that newer nikons need a specific AF-S, sold it and moved to Canon. Used both the XSI and T1i and hated it because of my astigmatism. So I sold it and got my dream nikon.

A nikon D90.
battery grip for those long days

Love it and it does everything I want.

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^ Very nice and practical kit. I also hate that Nikon has been moving away from adding screw drive focus and aperture ring accomadations on their bodies. But at least their higher end models still offer these features - at least for now.
Is that your marker case or in the pic or do you have it set up to carry your photo equipment?
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That's the case I use to carry my paintball equipment.

I've done my share of photog nomad travel and well, I'm not hardcore enough for weddings and other photo shoots, but it works well for most general applications.
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my film setup... i actually use an ae-1, not the t90 seen. ill add a pic of my digital stuff later

i want to use these someday. need film for them though. no idea if they work
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Originally Posted by aka Mich View Post
So very tempting. Let me weigh the cost/benefits between paying rent or buying a _____.
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I would love to take a picture of my rig, but.... I need another camera and I don't feel like borrowing one.


My Travelling setup:

Gripped, beat to living hell Canon 500D
430 EX flash
50mm F1.8 Canon
24-105mm F4 L Canon
8-16mm Sigma Ultra Wide
I forgot the Tripod
Kata 123-GO-10 backpack
Wired Remote

At home/On loan to Sister:

Canon 300D
2, 18-55mm kit lens, 1 is IS'd
1 I don't remember the focal length lens
17-50mm Tamron F2.8
270 EX Flash
Walmart Camera bag

Mostly broken 70-200mm F4 IS that I am always angry about.....
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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Let me paint a mental picture:

D90 + IR-Converted D70 bodies

35mm AF-S DX 1.8
70-300mm AF-S 4.5-5.6
55mm Micro 2.8

Recent Work
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I can't put all my gear together of my wife would realize how much I have, but right now:


24mm 1.4 AF-S
28mm 2.0 AIS
35mm 2.0 AF-D
50mm 1.2 AIS
100mm 2.8 Tokina Macro
105mm 1.8 AIS
180mm 2.8 AF-D
200mm 2.0 AF-S VRI
300mm 2.8 AF-S VRI

14-24mm 2.8 AF-S
16-35mm 4.0 AF-S VR
24-85mm 3.5-4.5 AF-S

Pentax 645 with 45mm 75mm 150mm primes
Calumet CC-400 with 90mm & 200mm primes

RRS TVC-23 Tripod
Photoclam Ball head
Lee Filter System
Alien Bees B400 x2, B800 x1

I've got a second D700 right now that I picked up with the 300mm 2.8, have it for sale right now and the 300 in a few months (have to play with it first), the 14-24mm will be sold before long too.
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****ing Ninja my ***...that **** is Black
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