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Its been so long I barely remember MW3.

If you're building a PC for this check out ebay for a used set of saitek controllers. I picked up an x45 setup last year for less than $30

I've got mine set up on a PC in my basement right now, hooked to a 32" tv and only things loaded on it are XP and the last release of MW4 from

I want my ghost bear mechs, bear cub for my scouting roles, grizzly for my every day missions, and kodiak for when that lance of all atlas mechs needs to die.
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lmao wow! i had a brain part... saw MW3 and im like jigga wha.. when did COD get lasers.... then remembered this was a mechwarrior thread. haha >.<

Did the mod for crysis wars go away? Mechwarrior living legends I think it was called? I havnt got my PC built yet so been away from it for awhile. I absolutely loved that game, spent alteast 5 hrs at a time on it and it felt like maybe a half hour :P just hated how stats reset every game. so start of every game u had to work your way back up to getting a heavy.
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I still have my Saitek X36 setup for MW3. Looking forward to this one.
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Is it bad I still play mechwarrior 2 online?

Yeah if this does take off, i'm building a PC specifically for this game.
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Just reserved my character name. I am excite for this and Hawken. Might just have to invest in one of those fancy Saitek setups too. Back when I played MW3 religiously I used a Logitech Wingman Extreme =P
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This is a no pants kind of party so you should be good.
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Finally a video is up. Not much game footage but it's a nice teaser.
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Damn, anybody heard about MechWarrior Tactics? It's a F2P, online multiplayer recreation of the original BT tabletop wargame. And it runs in your browser. There's just too many interesting F2P games out, in beta, or coming out, and not enough hours in the day. What's unemployment paying these days, and how long can I milk it before the government cuts me off the public teat?

Though, looking around YouTube for any videos of the game, I can't find any. No idea yet if the game is currently live or not. Oh, and I found out about the game here on the Penny Arcade Report. Good article, you should read it.

*EDIT* Yep, the game is in development, so not out yet. Damnit.
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i think tactics is gonna be BA. Im a strategy nut... and loved mech commander 2. So hoping they refine the gameplay but still maintain that type of angle, rather then fps or top down.
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Many, many hours spent playing the old minature battle tech game. Use to be able to go to Ral Partha in Ohio and buy the figs right out the molds. Lived in a house with a bunch of buds and we had at least 4 of every mech and a full table with maps and homeade buildings. A party ball and some late nights playing battletech made for some fun times. There was a online version a bunch of years back we found to play lan or with another person which was an exact version of the paper rules, was very basic with not much in the graphics dept but was fun. May have to look it up again.

*Found it.

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