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as much as i liked MOH2010 (yeah i know, flame away) i won't be playing this one on PC unless i can do it without installing origin. same with ME3.
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The company who said that will forever have my support, EA can burn.
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I dislike Origins oh so very much... EA can go play in a minefeild for all I care, the game looks good. Might just pick this up for console to avoid the EA shenanigans
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Time to bring this thread back to life seeing as the game comes out tomorrow. I just preordered it today so I'll get the limited addition (more maps, etc...) but overall I have high hopes for it...

From what I've read there will also be a fair amount of one life game modes, similar to counterstrike.

There's also going to be a "real-ops" mode that can be applied to any other mode that will takeaway alot of the hud, reduce health, etc...
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Picked this up this afternoon, well it may not be the most polished game out there as of yet, the gameplay online is alot of fun.
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just bought it on origin last night and installed overnight seeing as I had a coupon for 1/2 off I got the digital deluxe edition for $34.99 . Seems to be a pretty solid game so far basically BF3 with a different storyline and slightly tweaked weapons. I'm waiting to see whether the online modes will differentiate it or if I simply bought BF3 again for all intents and purposes

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Picked it up for console (ps3) and not sure how i feel. The game has some major glitches and issues that should not have made it past the testers. The issue really take away from the game. Every time to login you have to recreate your classes many of witch are locked until you respawn in mp. MOH plays like if cod and socom had a baby tactical and fun offering something different but the mp glitches and issue really bring it down.

respawn and fall through the map, switch to fall back spawn and you don't even spawn in the playing area you spawn outside the map. Very slow loading often images don't load. Weapon reload issues where their is a 3-4 second pause then a reload often the reload on screen motion wont work, yes this is related to lag but is hard to put into words.
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Well, it's being eaten alive by critics. How is the game, really? I'm wary of reviewers, the scores are just too even so it feels like the mudslide effect.
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(Xbox) I'm enjoying it. Multiplayer isn't giving me issues. I do hate when people won't talk with you on public matches.

Story is great (IMO). It's motivating, riveting and revealing. It's always corny to say it after playing this kind of game but I still salute and appreciate our warriors. Gameplay wise, I like high sensitivity and this didn't offer a satisfactory controller experience, but my simple gripe aside I very much am enjoying this latest installment.
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