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Good spy books

For anybody interested in espionage books.... here are the ones I've found so far that are real great. They might be a little short or young but both get mildly innapropriate.......

Cherub series- bunch of kiddies as spies, great books
Hendersons boys- Prequel to the cherub series books
Alex rider- I think we all know about this guy... teen superspy, he just kicks butt.

Phantoms in the snow- Single unique world war 2 novel about a unique mountain espionage unit that skis around and about an orphan boy who has to join because that's all he has left....

Sniper- Also a single book, no sequel. Features a female protagonist, her adventures as a WW2 sniper.

I'm not at the right house right now so I will update these later with information concerning authors.
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They sound pretty good. The only spy stuff I've read are the Tom Clancy novels, and the Bourne series. Lots of that cold-war spy stuff seems really dated now. Plus 6 days of the Condor, Day of the Jackal. Great books, but a different era.

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Phantoms in the snow and sniper are older generation books....and yeah these are more teen/children reads.
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Len Deighton
John le Carré

then not "spy novels" but WW2 based "young reader"
Robb White

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I found "Camp X" to be a pretty cool book when I was younger. The Alex Rider books lost their appeal to me pretty quick. Couldn't really say why.
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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
John le Carré bookS
Fixed that for you CJ
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Black: A Novel, by Christopher Whitcomb. Great govt espionage/black ops book.

took me forever to find the author on google, but definitely worth it, especially if youre a Tom Clancy fan.
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I recently read Carte Blanche by Jeffrey Deaver, it is the new James Bond 007 novel. He is the newest author to take over writing the James Bond novels.

In Carte Blanche, Deaver has Bond in the modern day, as young agent in his early 30s and a former Afghanistan veteran. It also describes how he gets his start in MI6.

I have read several other Bond books by other authors including Ian Fleming, and this one is actually pretty decent.
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I have read a couple of Christopher Whitcomb's books, they were good reads for sure, I think they are cold zero and black . . . not too sure though.
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I am a fan of Jack Higgins, it is spy/war books james bond type. Good easy read books
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