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On this day of remembrance for the Pearl Harbor attack, I submit two of my all-time favorites:
Tora! Tora! Tora!: a very historically accurate portrayal of the attack, shown from both the Japanese and US sides.
The Final Countdown: a sci-fi thriller about a modern aircraft carrier that has been thrust back in time to the days preceding the attack.
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Timecrimes on Netflix US

It's a Spanish movie with English subtitles, and low budget too, but totally a great movie for anyone that likes movies involving time travel. NSFW due to brief moments of nudity.
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Loving the 80's classics they have streaming now. The Stuff, CHUD, and Reanimator. True campy classics. And yest all the Transformers and GI Joes animated series!!! The Indie Game movie was a real neat behind the scenes of the passion which a indie game designer has, and the pressure they put on themselves, their family, finances and their sanity.
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Nuremberg tyranny on trial is a neat documentary about the trials of the nazi leaders

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Firefly and the movie Serenity. My buddy and I are always yelling quotes from those on the field.
"Sure would be nice if we had some GRENADES!!!!"
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"I aim to misbehave" still my favorite quote out of that movie, and it just never caught on like I thought it would.

Okay, check out Unicorn City on Netflix, especially if you're a RPG/table-top gaming geek.
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Been watching "The IT Crowd". Great comedy series.
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Been watching Top Gear UK from the beginning. Soooo much content to watch there, which is great since I'm almost finished with Supernatural. I started through Sherlock for the second time too.
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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
"House of Cards." Mainline that **** in one day. Awesome NFLX original series starring Kevin Spacey.

If you like Brit shows, the award winning "Life on Mars" (original BBC, NOT the US version) is tops.
Agreed, great show and i love kevin spacey
There's a bbc version of it too, not as good though
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speaking of Brit shows. "The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margeret" Is damn funny. And I really did'nt think it would be. But it is.

Also must see

Red bull Rampage (Absolutley insane mountain biking, only 40 minutes or so)

The Art of Flight (Absolutley insane snowboarding flick with amazing cinematography)

... Just watch them both. they're amazing.
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