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i received an email from "myself"

it was automatically in the junk box.
it's a different email address from any of mine.
but the name that appears is the name on my email address.

the title of the email is "FOR *MY FIRST NAME*" all caps
the content is a link to some place called*some random email handle that i have not seen yet* followed by the date it was sent, around noon today.

any one else got one of these before and can guess what this is? i'm not about to open the link but it seems to have put in a little more effort than a regular mail.
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Nope- Hasn't happened to me yet. Basically, some sight that you gave your name/email to has either been hacked or, sold your information. Possibly, your email has been hacked (allowing them to see your name/email combination) and they are sending you an email in the hopes that you'll open it, thereby opening a door to your computer for them.
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well i did have this email for years so it shouldn't be a surprise if someone sold the info. i guess i should start using mailinator when i sign up for things, although it's probably too late.

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Unless you never want to buy or sign up for anything ever again, there's really no way to avoid this. All it takes is one party that sells user/customer info and then it's out there to be re-sold again and again.
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just be careful it might be hacker testing to see if go into your account or someone send virus or link to something bad. if in junk mail and you know you did not sent it. do not open it.
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or it could be from . . . THE FUTURE
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Yeah I've had some weird emails before. The most memorable ones go like "Hey Cody (my name)you can gain 7 inches today with this magical pill".

Today apparently I logged into my facebook in Peru... Kinda scary. I have no idea how whoever logged in got my password.
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Yeah, apparently I logged into Costa Rica on facebook a week ago. Changed my password twice before the random logins stopped. I agree scary. But why me? Why not some 12 year old girl? In hindsight, im glad its me and not some random 12 year old girl.

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as far as facebook goes, i have the secure thingy that they offer, which makes you approve of the specific computer through email before you can log on with a computer that you have previously never logged on
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Some mail clients offer proxy emails, I just use those for signups to non-essential sites. they go to the same box if you want and you can kill them anytime. There are only a handful of sites I use my real email for.
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