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Mind Your Manners
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Perfect Dark 64 (2000).

Majora's Mask (2000).

Halo, of course (2001).

Golden Sun 1/2/3. Amazing what they can manage with those little handhelds (2001, 2003, and 2010).

Half-Life 2 & episodes (2004-2007).

Modern Warfare 2, of all things, with some input from Hans Zimmer (2009).
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I've always liked some of the older music, back from the PS1 days. Nowadays everyone tries to make it all fancy and serious.

I don't think I've heard a metal gear theme that I didn't like.
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Indy games
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FTL has ****ing AWESOME game music. you can buy the soundtrack on Steam as well.

Also from last year: Bastion had an outstanding soundtrack also. Indie games generally seem to acquire the best and most original game music composers these days compared to mainstream games, where music seems so afterthought (they put too much focus into the graphics engines maybe... idiots).
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